NFL Questions: Who Is the Better Rookie, Von Miller or Cam Newton?

Jonathan MaurerCorrespondent IIDecember 5, 2011

The question for most of the season has been who is having the better season? Andy Dalton or Cam Newton?   

I don't judge quarterbacks by wins, because I feel that the only person that should be judged by wins and losses is the head coach.   

So looking at the numbers and from watching the games, Cam Newton is obviously the better rookie quarterback. Andy Dalton is better in touchdown to interception ratio, but Cam is 7th in the NFL in passing yards, he is 2nd among quarterbacks in rushing yards and he leads the league in rushing touchdowns.   

Von Miller has been as good of a rookie that there is in the NFL. Through 11 games, he has 10.5 sacks. Miller missed the game vs the Vikings and even though the offense stepped up, it's unlikely that the offense can keep this up.     

Miller will probably return for the next four games and he can either tie or break Jevon Kearses' record for most sacks by a rookie. You look at the Broncos turnaround and it seems easy for people to give the credit to Tim Tebow, but most of the credit should go to John Fox and Von Miller. 

Von Miller and Cam Newton are leading (what looks like) one of the best draft classes in years. It's difficult to pick who's better. 

Newton is doing something that nobody has ever done, but Miller looks like he might be the most important player for the Broncos. 

If I had to pick who is better, it would have to be Newton at this point. 13 rushing touchdowns? That's crazy good for a rookie running back, but he's doing it as a rookie quarterback!  

Von Miller should get more attention, but because he has Tebow on his team, he's not getting the attention or credit he deserves.   

I believe that both have bright futures and both could be pro-bowlers in their rookie seasons.    

It may seem like an easy choice to some of you, but it's a difficult question if you ask me. What do you guys think? Please tell me in the comment section below.