12 MLB Teams with the Most Bandwagon Fans

Josh Toyofuku@jtoyofuku8Contributor IIIDecember 6, 2011

12 MLB Teams with the Most Bandwagon Fans

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    Every team in Major League Baseball has its die-hard fans— you know, the ones with a whole room dedicated to their team to go along with their wardrobe full of team attire and their season tickets.

    But every team also has its bandwagon fans—the fans that show up when the playoffs start and are nowhere to be seen during the dark years, in most cases.

    Let's take a look at 12 teams that have the most bandwagon fans in the league right now.

Honorable Mention: Tampa Bay Rays

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    The Tampa Bay Rays are notorious for having some of the worst fans in Major League Baseball—they once had to give away tickets to a playoff game.

    But outside of Tampa, they have gained a good amount of fans ever since their improbable World Series run in 2008. With players like Evan Longoria, David Price and up-and-comer Matt Moore, they will stay competitive for awhile. 

12. Los Angeles Dodgers

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    Being in one of the largest media markets in the world, the Dodgers get a lot of exposure.

    When Manny Ramirez was on the team that went to the NLCS two years in a row, the Boys of Summer gained a lot of bandwagon fans.

    With the recent lack of success, they have faded away, but with new ownership around the corner fans are getting ready to jump back aboard.

11. Washington Nationals

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    The Washington Nationals are quickly becoming one of the most young and exciting teams in the league.

    With players like Stephen Strasburg, Michael Morse, Danny Espinosa and Ryan Zimmerman, the Nats are a fun team to watch.

    And once Bryce Harper breaks into the big leagues this season, more and more people will be filling up the ballpark in DC.

10. St. Louis Cardinals

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    St. Louis is known for having some of the best, if not the best fans in all of Major League Baseball.

    However, whenever you win a World Series, bandwagon fans will always be ready to hop on board.

    If they can re-sign first baseman Albert Pujols, the Cardinals could be just as exciting as they were last year.

9. Miami Marlins

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    The Florida Marlins always had a very hard time filling up the seats at the stadium they shared with the Miami Dolphins, but the Florida Marlins are no more.

    Welcome the new-look Miami Marlins—complete with a new stadium, uniforms, manager and marquee players.

    The Marlins will get their fair share of bandwagon fans in 2012 with the signings of closer Heath Bell and shortstop Jose Reyes.  

    Could first baseman Albert Pujols be the next man to sign in Miami?

8. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

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    Yes, the World Series trophy came almost a decade ago, but the Angels are still pulling in bandwagon fans.

    With the help of the Rally Monkey and good teams throughout the past 10 years, the Angels have amassed a strong fan base, but when the postseason rolls around, there is a little bit more red in Orange County.

    Update 12/8/11: The Angels have just signed first baseman Albert Pujols and starting pitcher C.J. Wilson to deals. The team now has just as many bandwagon fans, if not more, as they did following their 2002 World Series title.

7. Milwaukee Brewers

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    The Milwaukee Brewers had a great 2011, finishing first in the NL Central and advancing to the NLCS before losing the eventual world champion St. Louis Cardinals.

    And as is the case with quite a few of the other teams on the list, with playoff appearances comes fans; first baseman Prince Fielder, left fielder Ryan Braun and the gang brought in over 3,000 more fans to each game.

6. Texas Rangers

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    In Dallas, the Cowboys have always reigned supreme.

    But after two straight World Series appearances, the Rangers have been pulling fans out of the woodwork and are quickly filling up the ballpark.

    The 2011 Texas Rangers brought in almost 10,000 more fans per game than the 2009 Texas Rangers did.

5. San Francisco Giants

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    In recent years, the Giants have had more fans than the Oakland Athletics.

    But once San Francisco won the 2010 World Series, suddenly everyone in the Bay Area had a Giants hat or shirt.

    Never before have there been more bandwagon Giants fans.

4. Philadelphia Phillies

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    Philadelphia is known for having some of the most brutal fans in all of sports.

    Along with that are a fair amount of bandwagon fans who decided to come along in 2008 after years of suffering.

    The trade for Roy Halladay and the signing of Cliff Lee added to the amount of bandwagon fans in Philly, along with multiple playoff appearances.

3. Chicago Cubs

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    As we all know, the Chicago Cubs haven't won the World Series since 1908.

    The franchise may not have had much success but that may have led to even more fans. The history of the club and its "so close, yet so far" past make it an attractive pick for those who don't want to be seen as bandwagoners.

    They can call themselves fans before the championship title actually does make its way to Wrigley Field.

2. Boston Red Sox

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    The Boston Red Sox are one of the most storied franchises in Major League Baseball. History means tradition and that can usually lead to bandwagon fans.

    In 2003 and 2004, Red Sox fans, Yankee-haters and others all pulled hard for Boston to reverse the curse.  After the Red Sox finally did it in 2004, it became even cooler to be a Red Sox fan. Another title in 2007 added more fans to the Boston bandwagon.

    Then after the 2011 offseason, everyone began to call the Sox favorites to win the World Series. Don't think that added a fair amount of fair-weather fans to the group? Think again.

1. New York Yankees

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    Come on, you had to know this one was coming.

    The Yankees are the biggest name in Major League Baseball—and maybe the biggest name in sports. Having 27 championships doesn't hurt either.

    With all of that fame and all of those titles comes a huge fan base. And with a huge fan base comes a huge amount of bandwagon fans.