Marshawn Lynch's Skittles Deal Ranks as Sweetest in Sports

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Marshawn Lynch's Skittles Deal Ranks as Sweetest in Sports
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Marshawn Lynch just became the first athlete to make eating Skittles pay off for him. This may set a very unwelcome precedence, but that is of no concern to what must be a very happy and content Lynch. 

The Seahawks running back went beast mode on the Eagles on Thursday night as Lynch bashed, plowed and mangled his way to 148 yards and two touchdowns. His efforts helped keep the 5-7 Seahawks in the playoff picture and ended the last shred of postseason for hope for the 4-8 Dream Team Eagles. 

Lynch set the tone of his physical dominance for this game early with this touchdown run.

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Marshawn ran into the entire Eagles' defense and the play didn't end until the Eagles were thoroughly embarrassed and Lynch was standing fresh and clean in the end zone, with a powerful hunger for the rainbow of fruit flavor.

Lynch trotted to the sideline and put the Seahawks training staff to good use by making them feed him Skittles. The little snack was caught on camera, and Skittles took notice.

Now Lynch can have all the Skittles he wants for free. However, the NFL may want to take notice. This is a copycat league.

Other players are going to see this, and angle for their own free candy.

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I can see it all now. Calvin Johnson pulls down an amazing TD grab and has a cheerleader hand him a Snickers. Arian Foster will get a big first down and come up pointing the first down signal with a Three Musketeers in his hand. Bill Belichick will need a minute before deciding to throw the challenge flag and he'll cram a whole Twix into his mouth.

Next year, the NFL is going to be inundated with players that all look like linemen after an offseason is spent feasting on the sweet candied fruits of their product placing labor.

In the meantime, Lynch can contently enjoy his free Skittles as a reward for making the Dream Team officially a nightmare.

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