Jacksonville Jaguars: Why Jaguars Fans Shouldn't Give Up on Blaine Gabbert Yet

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Jacksonville Jaguars: Why Jaguars Fans Shouldn't Give Up on Blaine Gabbert Yet
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I've heard Jaguars fans complain about the play of quarterback Blaine Gabbert and that is understandable.  

But I've heard Jaguars fan say that Gabbert is not the future of the franchise. This is way too soon to say because he is only a rookie quarterback.  

Developing a quarterback can take up to four years and you're going to give up on him after one?  

I can understand that some of you Jaguars fans are looking at Cam Newton and Andy Dalton and saying 'why can't Gabbert do this?' But Newton and Dalton have both have game-changing receivers in A.J Green or Steve Smith, while Gabbert is stuck with Jason Hill.    

No offense to Jason Hill, but he is at best a No.3 wide receiver on almost any other team in the NFL, while Steve Smith could have a career that earns a bust in Canton and A.J Green is (in my opinion) a top 10 wide receiver in the league already.  

A rookie quarterback struggles more times then not, just take John Elway for example.  Elway in his rookie year had a completion rating of 47.5, 1663 yards , seven touchdowns , 14 interceptions, and a quarterback rating of 54.9.  

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Gabbert's numbers are sort of similar. He has a completion rating of 48.5, 1337 yards, six touchdowns, six interceptions, and quarterback rating of 62.2.       

When Elway was a rookie, there was another quarterback from the same class that was playing better than him at the time, and his name was Dan Marino.  

The point that I am trying to make (just in case you didn't notice) is that Blaine doesn't have weapons and he is only in his first year, more than likely he will get better, and if you Jaguar fans want to see improvement out of Gabbert, then you're going to need to be patient with him, or you're going to end up being one of those laughing stock teams for the next 10 years.

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