Tim Tebow: CBS Interview Shows Why He Is a Winner

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Shannon Sharpe, one of Tim Tebow's "sharpest" critics, demonstrated exactly what it is about Tebow that makes him such a winner today on CBS.

Tebow has done a number of interviews over the last few weeks and he has one amazing consistency. Every word that comes out of his mouth is positive. This isn't the kind of "media coached" positive response you're used to either. It's a genuine positive feeling. 

The man conveys belief, but not in dopey way or a naive way. In fact, it's borderline brilliant the way he addressed Sharpe's own history of having "doubters and critics" and saying, "There's a lot I can learn from someone like you." 

Talk about taking the upper hand! Sharpe was all ready to go, but you could almost see it in his face. How do I get mean with him after that!?

Then Sharpe tries to go after the John Fox system with the option plays. Tebow responds what a great thing it is because it helps the team win (and you can't argue that it hasn't!)

Then Sharpe tries again telling Tebow that he thinks Fox is holding him back. He questions whether Tebow is, as a quarterback, supposed to "throw the football." 

Again Tebow refuses to bite and be negative—rather he responds, "I think you sign up to win games, and compete, and go out there and lead a team no matter how you can do that."

That's what makes Tebow so Tebowian. No matter what happens, he remains positive and intelligent in how he approaches things. 

That's the kind of thing that rubs off on a team. People love being around a positive person like that. I'm not talking about a person who just says positive things, but a person who believes positive things. You can fake the former but not the latter. 

I know that people like Shannon Sharpe and Stephen A. Smith and the right side of my brain think it's silly to suggest that somehow "will" is the difference here, but even in the interview you can feel it. There's something about Tebow that is "positively contagious" and that's the thing that is winning games for the Denver Broncos. 

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