Philadelphia Eagles Need Vince Young to Be Superman One More Time vs. Patriots

Darren GrossmanCorrespondent INovember 27, 2011

The Eagles desperately need a huge day out of Vince Young
The Eagles desperately need a huge day out of Vince YoungPatrick McDermott/Getty Images

It's about an hour before game time, and I am starting to feel more positive about this game.  Going into today, I felt the only chance was that if Vince Young had the game of his life, the Eagles might win.

I just heard the news that Asomugha is going to play.  That's great news.  That should give the Birds a boost.

The other thing they need is Young to put on the red cape and, for one Sunday, more particularly, this Sunday at the Linc, they need Vince to be Superman.  That was his nickname in the past, and even though he is not often referred to as that anymore, they need him to be just that this Sunday.

If Young can play at a high level, the Eagles will have a chance.  The Patriots defense is not great.  LeSean McCoy should have a big day and get a lot of carries.  Other than that, Young has to make the throws and, most importantly, cut out the mistakes.  If Young throws three interceptions like he did last week, the Eagles will not beat New England.  If Young can be efficient with the football and accurate throwing, the Eagles will have a good chance to win.

In order for Young to be effective, the Eagles have to get DeSean Jackson going early. Throw some wide receiver screens, slants, whatever it takes, get D-Jax the ball.  The Patriots have done a good job covering tight ends, so Celek might have a hard time today. 

Young got the nickname "Superman" because he seems to be super when his teams need it most.  I talked about that last week in a column.  Again, to update his track record, Young is 31-17 as an NFL starter with 13 game-winning drives and seven fourth-quarter comebacks.  That's impressive in just 48 starts.

Young has also resurrected teams from the dead in the past, which is one of the reasons people have often called him Superman.  The Eagles need Superman to save their season.  Luckily, they might just have one in Vince Young.