Philip Rivers: A Case For the MVP

Jordan LeeAnalyst IDecember 21, 2008

With the San Diego Chargers playoff hopes back from life support to not only being alive, but thriving, it is time to come out and say it: Philip Rivers is deserving of the MVP.

Yes, what seemed like blasphemy a mere three weeks ago could indeed become actuality as Philip Rivers has led his team back from 4-8 to a winner-take-all, de facto playoff game this Sunday vs.the Broncos.

He is currently playing the best ball of his career and despite the horrendous start by the Chargers team, he has been able to keep the team together, and rally behind him as their vocal leader.

My case for Philip Rivers does not go without evidence to support it and it is not as if Rivers has not played at an MVP caliber level this season. In fact in a season in which their is no clear MVP, Rivers has played the best statistical season for a quarterback, pro bowl votes be damned.

The Case for Philip Rivers

  • with a win vs Denver, he will have led his team from 4-8 to its third  straight Division Championship
  • leads the league in TDs (32)
  • leads league in QB Rating (by 7 points, 104.>Pennington's 96.4)
  • leads league in 1st down %
  • with 200 yds on Sunday will have thrown for 4000 yds this season
  • top 5 in yds
  • 9th in Comp. %

The evidence for Rivers is strong as he is playing the best ball of any quarterback in the league right now. With one more win, his team will be the No. 4 seed and a division winner, and the only negative against him would be his team's record, which could not be solely put on River's shoulders. The Steelers, Panthers, and Broncos all beat the Chargers with go ahead scores within the last 30 seconds of the game.

So in a season with no clear cut, far away choice for MVP, why not No. 17? Why not the quarterback and leader of one of the hottest teams in the league? Why not the brash, cocky kid from Alabama? Why not Philip Rivers?