Tim Tebow Bucking from the Denver Broncos? What Could Happen Next Year?

Michael Keller@@MichaelK_NFLAnalyst IIINovember 24, 2011

Tim Tebow Bucking from the Denver Broncos? What Could Happen Next Year?

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    As 99.9 percent of all sports blog readers in Denver and Florida know, there is a bit of controversy swirling around Tim Tebow, the current starting quarterback in Broncoland.

    Now that isn't anything new for those who have been around this old cow town for a while. How about the Steve DeBerg/John Elway issue or the Bubby Brister/Brian Griese issue? Then there was the Tommy Maddox/John Elway situation. Or how about the Jay Cutler/Josh McDaniels fiasco?

    And the current Kyle Orton/TimTebow/Kyle Orton/Tim Tebow/John Elway soap opera is playing on every channel.

    What all this seems to mean is that there will be another change next season, or at least some very heated controversy at the draft and the start of the preseason.

    So what are the potential outcomes?

    I have considered a few, but there are many many more, so let's look at them and tell me what you think.

Tim Tebow Is Named Starting QB at the End of This Season

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    This would be the most satisfactory solution for just about everyone involved.

    He has shown an uncanny ability to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

    These wins may not be pretty, but they are still counted as Ws last time I checked. And if he can continue this just enough to bring a playoff appearance for the first time in six years, it would be hard to argue against this scenario.

    He would then have the entire offseason to work closely with this coaching staff to improve his deficiencies in mechanics, accuracy and reading defenses.

    Tebow stays and a backup is brought in later in the draft or through free agency.

A Current Quarteback Is Kept: Brady Quinn

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    Brady Quinn. What can you say?

    A former first-round draft choice by the Cleveland Browns out of Notre Dame. Then part of one of the strangest trades in recent memory. He came to Denver when Josh McDaniels gave Madden cover boy and running bull Peyton Hillis and draft choices to obtain Quinn in the offseason before the 2009 season.

    And McDaniels traded rifle-armed Jay Cutler to Chicago for Kyle Orton and several squandered draft picks.

    Oh, then Josh traded picks to move up and take a projected third-round pick, Tim Tebow, in the first round.

    With all this being said, Quinn has been given little chance here in Denver but also doesn't cost much, as he has a low salary and would be able to be re-signed for not much money.

    And he knows the system and the coaches know him. For better or worse.

    And Tebow would feel little threat from this move. Also, both are workout warriors and could be lifting partners.

    Keeps Tebow in Denver.

    But I think Quinn wants out of Denver as bad as Orton did.

Andrew Luck Is Taken in the 2012 Draft and There Is No Competition in Camp

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    It is no secret that current Broncos football boss and previous controversy participant John Elway has some "concerns" with Mr. Tebow and his ability to throw the ball accurately, consistently and move the chains on third down. 

    With this in mind, Elway could trade WAY up, mortgaging the future to go after his first love, Andrew Luck. 

    If this happened, it would make it very difficult for Tebow to have a level playing field in the competition. Not to mention what other holes could not be filled, probably for several years to come.

    And if this did happen, I see Tim Tebow traded for whatever they could get for him, possibly even part of the trade-up package.

    So, as far-fetched as that seems, remember that Luck and Elway share an alma mater as well as a lot of similar capabilities on the football field.

    Low odds but it would mean that Tebow would be gone and Luck would own the starting role.

A Different QB Is Drafted: Robert Griffin III

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    Some feel RGIII might be almost as costly to trade up for as Andrew Luck. His stock is on the rise in most mock draft boards. 

    Griffin brings athleticism, accuracy, decent arm strength, running ability, intelligence and is religious. What else could anyone in Denver want?

    Actually, he would be a great fit as a partner in crime to Tebow. They could be interchangeable parts in the option and as Griffin progressed, he could bring the passing game to a higher level than Tebow can at this time.

    As great as that sounds, I am not sure the Broncos could afford to make this kind of deal, but more importantly, I don't think either young man would be happy with this situation for very long.

    QB controversy back on the front pages.

    This could allow both players to be here but would be a potentially ugly situation again next season.

    I don't see Tebow here if Griffin is drafted by Denver.

A Different QB Is Drafted: Ryan Tannehill

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    At 6'4" and 220 pounds, Ryan Tannehill has the size to be a prototypical NFL QB. But he also brings great mobility, much like RGIII.

    In fact, he was a wide receiver until a few years ago, so he knows how to run. And he also knows what is going through the minds of his receivers and defensive backs.

    Tannehill is raw with his limited experience but does have a great arm and can make the NFL throws. Plus, he can plug and play with Tebow on the option.

    A few other positives are that he would most likely be a low first-round/high second-round pick and not cost any trade up.

    And as he needs seasoning, he wouldn't be a threat to Tebow and they may very well be able to work together over the next several years.

    And all while not causing Tebow any great desire to want to leave the Broncos.

    Tebow would most likely still be here and starting next year.

    I kind of like this option. Could be a win/win for everyone.

A Free Agent Is Brought in: Matt Flynn, Green Bay

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    Matt Flynn, out of LSU, has the size—6'2", 225 pounds—to fit the mold that Elway seems to want. He also has decent agility and could run the option just fine.

    He also comes with a great pedigree, having tutored behind Aaron Rodgers, arguably the best NFL QB right now.

    And he brings a Super Bowl ring and the winning attitude that comes with it.

    And he is a fellow SEC warrior, just like Tebow.

    They might be able to co-exist, but that would be difficult as both would expect to be starting.

    And the price of QBs is on the rise, considering that the Kansas City Chiefs are paying Kyle Orton $410,000 per game. 

    If they went this way, most likely Tebow would be gone.

What Does This All Mean?

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    As crazy as this exercise is at this stage of the season, it is still interesting to consider.

    With Orton now gone and the team on a winning streak and back in the playoff chase, a lot has happened and will happen over the last six weeks of the season and possibly into the postseason as well.

    Executive vice president of football operations John Elway has stated that right now, the future QB isn't on the roster. What that means is with work, Tebow could be that person, but he isn't and neither is anyone else on the roster as we speak. But then again, Elway may not feel he can make the improvements needed.

    Winning ugly may not be enough for Elway. 

    Will we see a major move come draft time or through free agency to fix that issue? I will guarantee that something will happen and it will make big news in Denver and probably all over the NFL, as it will impact Tim Tebow one way or another.

    Potential landing spots for Tebow could be all located in the state of Florida, where he could fill seats and sell jerseys. Miami, Tampa Bay and Jacksonville would all be looking at the opportunity to get a money machine like Tim back home.

    And then all those Bronco orange No. 15 jerseys will become collector's items and another wave of buying would happen at Tebow's next stop. And the Jesus name tag on back will still be optional.

    Will the most notorious Bronco buck out of Denver before next season?

    Stay tuned.