20 Sweetest MLB Logos of All Time

Cody Swartz@cbswartz5Senior Writer INovember 22, 2011

20 Sweetest MLB Logos of All Time

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    A sweet MLB logo is a necessity for a baseball team because the logo is going to be seen hundreds and thousands of times by fans.

    The average team changes its logo more frequently than I would have expected, as it is always trying to find the best one for its fanbase.

    The following are the 20 best MLB logos of all time.

New York Yankees (1930-Present)

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    How can anyone not like this logo? Regardless of how you feel about the New York Yankees, this is an extremely recognizable design.

    It epitomizes the best team in baseball over the past century in that it’s a classic and it’s very distinguishable.

Milwaukee Brewers (1978-1993)

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    This is a pretty cool logo when you look at it closely. It appears like just a standard baseball glove, but it’s actually the letters M and B coming together to form a glove—M obviously for Milwaukee and B for Brewers.

    I’m not a fan of the colors, but the logo is just cool. Too bad they don’t use it anymore.

Chicago Cubs (1876-Present)

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    I’m a big stickler for tradition, and this logo has been around since about the time old Abe was president. The Cubs logo is very recognizable and the red, white, and blue colors happen to be the colors of our country.

    Although maybe changing the logo would help the Cubs win a World Series again.

Philadelphia Phillies (1993-Present)

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    For all of those who don’t know, Philadelphia used to be the capital city of our great nation. This logo captures everything about the city—the red, white, and blue colors and the Liberty Bell with even the crack in it.

    The only thing missing from this is Rocky standing at the top of the art museum with his arms raised.

Atlanta Braves (1967-Present)

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    Personally, I’m not a fan of the tomahawk chop, but it works for Atlanta Braves fans. The logo has the tomahawk in it, and they’ve stuck with the logo for close to 45 years now.

Colorado Rockies (1993-Present)

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    This is the only logo the 19-year-old Colorado Rockies have ever known, and it’s a good one.

    There’s the cool combination of colors—blue, white, black and gray—and the Rocky Mountains in the background with a baseball on top.

Montreal Expos (1969-2004)

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    It’s too bad the Montreal Expos no longer exist, because I thought they had a pretty cool logo. It’s red, white and blue, but not similar enough in the shade of blue to confuse it with the Philadelphia Phillies or Chicago Cubs.

    The new Washington Nationals logo isn’t nearly as cool.

Florida Marlins (1993-2011)

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    I keep forgetting the Florida Marlins are now the Miami Marlins. The old Florida logo is catchy. It’s a fish through a circle, with the words “Florida Marlins” encircling the marlin.

Cleveland Indians (1915-Present)

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    Chief Wahoo is a very recognizable logo. As a kid, I always liked the Cleveland Indians logo the most out of any team. It’s been around for about 100 years now.

    There’s been a fair amount of controversy surrounding it, but come on. Chief Wahoo may be a Native American cartoon caricature but it in no way means any disrespect to anyone.

Seattle Mariners (1977-Present)

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    I liked the M’s on the old Seattle Mariners logo, but this one is stylish. The baseball on an eight-pointed compass gives it a nice touch.

    And the different shades of blue and silver complement each other well.

Los Angeles Dodgers (1958-Present)

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    The Dodgers have had this logo since they moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles.

    The colors stick with the tradition many teams have had of going with the red, white and blue colors. Personally, I find this LA logo to be one of the most recognizable in all of sports.

St. Louis Cardinals (1892-Present)

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    I’ve always liked this logo. It’s fairly unique in its color choice—at least when compared to other teams—and I like how the yellow in the beak of the cardinal matches the yellow of the baseball bat.

    The Cardinals’ logo is one of just a handful of logos in the game with the animal pictured.

New York Yankees (1913-1946)

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    Another very recognizable logo here. This is the New York Yankees logo from back in the early to middle of the 20th century, back in the Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig and Joe DiMaggio days.

    This logo is the Yankees. It’s virtually the same as the current alternate logo.

Chicago White Sox (1991-Present)

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    This Chicago White Sox logo is pretty unique in that it is just one color—black—although there is a small shade of white.

    The chain-link letters are cool, and again, this is a logo that most casual fans would recognize.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (2005-Present)

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    I’ll be honest. I like all the old Angels logos. This one may be my favorite, though.

    I love the halo around the A. This logo reminds me of arguably my favorite kids movie, Angels in the Outfield.

Boston Red Sox (1976-2008)

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    I actually wasn’t aware that this is no longer the main logo for the Boston Red Sox. I’m not sure why they changed, though.

    This one is classic. Everyone knew it. And that’s what you want in a logo—people to recognize it.

Baltimore Orioles (1999-2008)

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    The Baltimore Orioles had five different logos during the 1990s. This one is my favorite.

    I like the oriole on the top of the Orioles writing. And the baseball diamond in the background gives it a nice touch.

Oakland Athletics (1993-Present)

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    I like this one better than the previous Oakland Athletics logo, one that looked similar though.

    This one has the A’s in the middle, but the Oakland Athletics team name around the circle as well.

Philadelphia Phillies (1984-1991)

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    I don’t remember the Philadelphia Phillies having this logo, but then again, I was just two years old when they changed it.

    But I like it. I especially like the Independence Hall building right in the center.

Detroit Tigers (1994-2005)

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    This logo is much better than the current Detroit Tigers one, for the simple reason that this has a tiger in it, and the other one doesn’t.

    If you’re going to have a team name like the Tigers, you need to have a tiger in your logo.