Chicago Cubs: 5 Free Agents to Target This Offseason

Jake KarmelCorrespondent IINovember 20, 2011

Chicago Cubs: 5 Free Agents to Target This Offseason

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    The Chicago Cubs have been making some noise this offseason so far. They have signed on a new Vice President of Baseball Operations in Theo Epstein, GM in Jed Hoyer, and a manager in Dale Sveum.

    All three have expressed they will do whatever it takes to bring a championship to Chicago.

    Now I know every new manager, GM, VPBO says that to appease the fans but not every group has already done it once together. 

    Here is a list of five free agents I believe Theo and company will be targeting this offseason. 

Mark Buehrle

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    Bringing Buehrle to the north side just makes sense. 

    A move to the old-timers league just makes sense. Buehrle will be able rack up innings and have a little fun hitting every so often in the National League. 

    Buehrle is a native of St. Charles, Missouri just outside of St. Louis. Coming to the north side he will be able to travel down to the rivals in red a few times per year and pitch in front of his family and friends. 

    Buehrle reminds me a lot of Ted Lilly who was a solid pitcher for the Cubs for a few years. He had very similar stats to Buehrle before making his move to the NL. 

    Sources close to Buehrle and the White Sox have said Kenny Williams will not offer Buehrle a suitable price compared what he could get else where. Now that the Cubs have a ton of money coming off the books, bringing Buehrle to the north side looks more and more favorable. 

Michael Cuddyer

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    Michael Cuddyer could be a perfect fit for the Cubs. 

    He reminds me a lot of Mark DeRosa. Cuddyer is a similar playing style to Mark DeRosa. Cuddyer would serve that purpose if we were to come to the Cubs.

    Cuddyer has played just about every position in his career but pitcher, catcher, and shortstop. 

    One of the many things the Cubs lacked last season was a nitty gritty player who was expendable and could play mostly every position. 

    Now Cuddyer probably wouldn't be an everyday player because of the lack of DH in the National League but he could play the same way DeRosa did. Almost everyday but at a different position possibly each day. 

David Dejesus

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    David DeJesus could be the perfect fit for the Cubs playing corner outfield.

    Right now, the Cubs are thin in the corners with Soriano and Tyler Colvin with no one really to back either of them up. Soriano can't seem to stay healthy and no one really can back him up. I'm sorry but Tony Campana, Blake Dewitt, and Louis Montanez are not the answer. 

    I don't think the Cubs should sign DeJesus to a long-term deal. He could be the perfect one-year rental option. 

Kerry Wood

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    Kid K has some gas left in the tank believe it or not. The 34-year-old, if he stays healthy, could be a huge asset to the north siders. 

    Last season, when healthy, Kid K was awesome. Wood had a K/9IP average of over 10. His WHIP was an impressive of 1.29. 

    To me, it seems no one else can be a real suitor for Wood. It's going to be the Cubs or no one. 

    I can't see Theo Epstein and company not bringing a fan favorite back to Wrigley Field in 2012. 

CJ Wilson

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    CJ Wilson is going to be the most sought after free agent this offseason not named Albert Pujols or Prince Fielder. 

    Last season he racked up over 250 innings in 39 starts. Wilson won 16 games with an ERA under 3.00. 

    The Cubs are in need of front of the rotation starting pitching and I believe Wilson can provide exactly that. 

    The Cubs have the money to go after him. The Cubs aren't resigning Aramis Ramirez and they probably are going to try to move Soriano, Zambrano, and Marmol. That's a ton of money coming off the books right there. 

    CJ Wilson in the National League could be one of the best things to happen to his career and the north siders seem to be the best fit.