A Mile Up: Tebow Playing Above Expectations, Denver Broncos More Than Happy

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A Mile Up: Tebow Playing Above Expectations, Denver Broncos More Than Happy
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Tebow attracts a mob after running in the game winning touchdown over New York Thursday night. The win gave Tebow his fourth on the year, and created more of a craze for Denver within the league.

Wins. That’s all that matters in the NFL.

Which teams can win on a week-to-week basis and prove that they’re a competitive franchise capable of contending for the Lombardi Trophy?

If I said the Denver Broncos, are you a believer? Because after last night's 17-13 win over the New York Jets, it’s hard to not root for the team.

While a Super Bowl may seem far fetched, the bigger question is the guy under center.

Are you on the Tim Tebow train yet? Finally, after five starts? All aboard! 4-1.

Tebow is a very likable NFL player. He’s not frowned upon like a majority of players in the league, like Brandon Marshall, Chris Johnson and Philip Rivers.

While he may not have every skill set like Cam Newton, that’s not the be-all and end-all. Tebow makes you root. He puts you in a seat.

If this 4-1 start to his 2011 season is going so well, do you buy stock in this team?

You can look at it from this side: He only beat San Diego, Oakland, Kansas City and New York. All very accomplishing wins.

On the flip-side, how has Joe Flacco been? Pretty bad. Losing to Seattle and Jacksonville isn’t impressive.

Denver got it right by going to Tebow despite a media frenzy. While he may not have earned the job, he waited out the storm for his chance.

At the beginning of training camp, he was arguably third string—behind Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn. He was far from being the team's quarterback five weeks through.

After spending a first-round pick on Tebow, Denver looked like they gave up. They didn’t attempt a different position for him. They just kept him at quarterback. Squandered.

Ask Tebow and he will do anything to see the field—tight end, linebacker or fullback.

Whatever it takes.

While this current front office may not have drafted him, they are doing what they are forced to do. Playing Tebow is for the fans. Winning cures all.

While he may seem like a week-to-week quarterback, this job is his until it goes south. Which begs the question: Does Denver sell this stock high?

Do they trade him to say, Miami? Dolphins fans proved they will flock to a stadium to see him.

It just doesn’t seem like this Denver team is in for the long term with Tebow. Weeks ago and before him, they were one of many teams in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.

Don’t get me wrong. I cheer on Tebow. You cannot hate this guy. It’s impossible. He’s the perfect person. Not the perfect NFL player, but good enough to get by and still fun enough to pay attention to. 

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