Chicago Bears: 5 Storylines Fans Are Sick of Hearing About

Matt CoanCorrespondent IINovember 15, 2011

Chicago Bears: 5 Storylines Fans Are Sick of Hearing About

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    The Chicago Bears are on a roll.

    They've won four straight games, bringing their record to 6-3, and are tied for second place in their division.

    Chicago's next four games are against the entire AFC West, a division that is struggling.

    Things are looking bright for the Bears as they are proving that they are a team in playoff, and Super Bowl, contention.

    As we get deeper and deeper into the season, fans of the Chicago Bears are getting tired of the "shots" taken at their team and hearing about how they aren't good enough to make the playoffs.

    This list will cover five headlines Bears fans are getting sick of hearing about.

The Bears Need More Playmaking Wide Receivers on Offense

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    The idea that the Chicago Bears are in need of a top tier wide receiver has been around for a very long time.

    Since acquiring Jay Cutler, fans and media members have been constantly talking about how much he needs a real "weapon" on the offense that he can trust, and a player that can make plays for the quarterback.

    While the Bears still lack that type of player, their current cast of receivers is proving they are enough to score points with, and win games with.

    Since returning from injury, Earl Bennett has put up two great games in a row and is emerging as the team's top receiver.

    Johnny Knox and Devin Hester continue to threaten the defense with their speed and are only going to get better with time.

    Even Roy Williams has contributed positively in the offense and has made a couple of nice plays this year.

    It's is pretty clear to me, and probably the rest of the Chicago Bears' fan base, that the Bears do not absolutely need a top tier receiver to compete for a Super Bowl title and definitely do not need T.O.

Lovie Smith Is Not a Top Tier NFL Head Coach

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    While this may not exactly be a headline we see often, Chicago Bears head coach Lovie Smith gets very little respect from major media outlets and fans across the country.

    Smith has had a great career in Chicago and has a number of awards and accomplishments to show how great of a head coach he really is.

    Smith has an overall record (playoffs included) of 69-55 and has won the NFC North three times in seven years.

    Those numbers speak for themselves. 

    Smith has also gone to one Super Bowl and two NFC Championship games and has easily been the Bears' best head coach since Mike Ditka.

    Lovie Smith doesn't go on rants in the media, he doesn't go crazy during post-game handshakes and tries to attract as little attention as possible, focusing only on how he can win football games. 

    Those are all things NFL head coaches can learn from and traits that help create well-run, quality football teams.

    Lovie deserves more respect in the national media and from fans across the nation, as little as he may care about it.

It's Time To Pay Matt Forte

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    Yes, it is time to pay Matt Forte.

    It's time to reward him with a new contract and the deal should be done as soon as possible.

    The only problem is the Chicago Bears have no reason to give him a new deal in the middle of the season and their smartest move would be to wait until the end of the year to work out a new contract.

    Forte is showing he gives 100 percent effort on every play, regardless of his contract situation, and while it may not be the most morally right thing to do, the Bears' front office knows this and is taking advantage of it.

    We all know Forte deserves a new deal and we can all hope the Bears will give him one, it just isn't going to happen midseason. Until it does, let's all agree to stop talking about it. 

Jay Cutler Is Soft

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    By far the most annoying of these repetitive headlines, Jay Cutler being labeled as soft among fans and media members is a complete joke.

    Coming off another game in which Cutler took a number of big hits and roughing the passer penalty shots, he continues to play great football and refuses to flinch at any sign of getting hit.

    Each time he is knocked to the ground legally or illegally, he gets up and moves on to the next play.

    He doesn't chew out his teammates, he doesn't fake an injury, he simply gets up and moves onto the next play.

    Some of the hits he's taken this season have gotten so bad that he's had to deal with defensive players himself, pushing and shoving, making sure they know he won't go down without a fight.

    Not only is Jay Cutler not soft, but Jay Cutler is tough. By far one of the toughest quarterbacks in the NFL and he proves it every week, just watch a game if you don't believe me.

The Offensive Line Is Horrible

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    Headlines about how horrible the Chicago Bears' offensive line is are getting really out of hand.

    This is easily the most talked about and most covered aspect of the Chicago Bears and it's getting kind of old.

    We know this offensive line isn't great, they aren't even okay. But they've worked out a lot of the kinks and seem to be taking major steps forward in becoming a capable unit.

    The line has given up only two sacks the past two games and, under the leadership of Mike Tice, continue to get better.

    Injuries to a few key members on the line won't help, but Tice knows what he's doing and will know exactly who will fill in best at what spots.

    This line could be a few moves away from becoming a solid unit, and as long as Mike Tice is calling the shots, they will be put in the best situation to succeed.