Jay Feely and 4 NFL Players Who Should Give Up Tweeting

Justine BrownCorrespondent IINovember 14, 2011

Jay Feely and 4 NFL Players Who Should Give Up Tweeting

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    Twitter is a great outlet for NFL players to give fans an opportunity to interact and get an insight on some of their favorite athletes.  

    However, Twitter is also an instantaneous outlet where once a statement is made, there is no taking it back.  This aspect is one which has been known to land a number players amidst serious controversy.  

    Cardinals kicker Jay Feely is one of those guys who has often been the impetus behind some of these controversies. 

    That is not to say that Jay Feely does not have some interesting and informative tweets, because he does.  He was one of the biggest informants for the world during the lockout, and most recently spoke very strongly on his opinion of the Joe Paterno situation at Penn State, even going as far as calling out fellow NFLer Roddy White.

    In fact, Feely has enlightened his followers on a number of very serious and critical hot topics, which is great.

    However, numerous times Feely's boldness and thought provoking questions have sparked up major Twitter fire.   Now, giving up Twitter may not necessarily be the necessary solution, but certainly toning it down from time to time couldn't hurt. 

    Feely, however, doesn't seem to mind the heat, which is probably why he continues to do it.  It seems Feely just enjoys being honest.

Rod Issac

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    Rod Issac's Twitter account is truly the definition of stream of consciousness. If anyone can actually tell me what, or who, he is talking about in half of these tweets, you are better than me, because I certainly do not know.

    Issac's tweets consist of a lot of short and sweet statements, about I don't know what, directed at I don't know who, with a few hungry, tired and bored tweets scattered in between. 

Chad Ochocinco

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    Chad Ochocinco.  How much talk about cars, shoes, not that great of fashion and basketball wife Evelyn Lozada (still haven't quite figured out how that works) can we all possibly take?

    Chad's Twitter feed is often consumed with his Bugatti payment, his Louboutin shoe fetish, his designer outfit choices, his longing to be a soccer player and back and fourth with his fiancé/wife Evelyn Lozada. Really, how much can we take?

    Well, I put him on the list because I feel like it's something that he's supposed to be on.  Okay, now thet that's out of the way, time for the truth to come out...yeah, I follow him.

Adam Pacman Jones

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    The reason Adam Pacman Jones is on this list is not because of what he says, but rather what he doesn't say.  

    Pacman's timeline is basically a summary of when he works out, gets treatment, where he is on the way to and from and a whole bunch "hello world" tweets, approximately once every three tweets.

    There's really not a whole lot to see on this timeline and, without the follow, I can almost guarantee you're not missing much.

Blake Costanzo

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    The reason Blake Costanzo is on this list is because of something that happened just a few short days ago.

    Blake tweeted that he was, "getting an American flag tattoo sleeve. Gotta represent who we are and all those that sacrifices for us to live. America beautiful."

    Blake then tweeted, "American Flag tat Tom truly blessed and inspired,"  showing his seriousness and moving fourth with the idea.

    Now, I love this country as much as the next person and I am truly thankful for our armed forces serving our country, as well as the veterans, so I admire Costanzo's enthusiasm and support of Veteran's day, but an American flag tat?  Nothing says high class like that.