2012 NFL Mock Draft: Why the Green Bay Packers Select CB Jayron Hosley

J SmooveContributor IINovember 10, 2011

Jayron Hosley intercepts a pass against Florida St.
Jayron Hosley intercepts a pass against Florida St.Elsa/Getty Images

The 2012 NFL Draft is still six months away, but as the Green Bay Packers continue to bulldoze their way through the 2011 NFL schedule, a problem has been identified that could not only impact the current season, but future seasons as well.

Pass defense.

The Packers defense has been arguably the strongest part of this team for the past two years, but from the moment this season began, the pass defense has been the most visible liability to defending the "Super Bowl Champion" title.

Luckily, the cornerback position in the 2012 NFL Draft is deep and will have exemplary talent available at the bottom of the first round for the Packers to choose from, but one name stands out from the rest in my eyes: Jayron Hosley.

Hosley is a 5' 10", 170 lbs. cornerback out of Virginia Tech with great speed (4.42 to be exact) and soft hands, a recipe for success in the Packers defense. The Packers have speedsters Sam Shields and Nick Collins in the secondary, but Shields is too inconsistent and Collins is recovering from a potentially—career-ending injury. While safety Charlie Peprah and corner Jarrett Bush have each shown promise, neither will likely elevate from backup status. Hosley adds not only athleticism to the secondary, but intelligence and quality experience as well.

He has held up great against strong competition, including Arkansas State's Josh Jarboe. While Arkansas State doesn't instill fear into fans bones, Jarboe was actually a Top 100 recruit coming out of high school and was offered a full scholarship to Oklahoma by Bob Stoops. Hosley held Jarboe to only four receptions for 38 yards and intercepted two passes. 

However, it isn't that Hosley is a once-in-a-lifetime type talent, but rather that the Packers have a pressing need within the secondary. People could argue that outside linebackers opposite Clay Matthews is a stronger need, but the secondary has been a more game-impacting position in Packer games for better or worse.

People could also argue that safety is a greater need than cornerback, but forget that Green Bay has another safety on their roster: Charles Woodson.

Woodson has the ball-hawking skills that make the safety position popular and game-changing while also having the complete knowledge of a Dom Capers playbook to put his team's defense into proper position.

The opening at cornerback allows Shields to move up to an every down corner and place Hosley in at nickelback while he learns the defense, a win-win.