25 Stupidest Baseball Player (and Manager and Writer) Tweets

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25 Stupidest Baseball Player (and Manager and Writer) Tweets
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On the tweet stupidity scale, baseball players lag behind their peers in other sports.

Catching the NFL and NBA won't be easy, the Darnell Docketts, Antonio Cromarties and Charlie Villanuevas of the world have staked those leagues to a sizable stupidity surplus.

But that doesn't mean our nation's batsmen, hurlers, ex-batsmen and managers aren't trying. A proud few refuse to lie down and let a bunch of newfangled, pansy sports out-dumb our national pastime.

Here's to the dum-dums who've taken that brave first step into the Twitterverse. Abandoning grammar, punctuation and good judgment, they've dared to bring the grass-chewing, tobacco-spitting legacy of baseball stupor into the 21st century.

There's no going back now.

(Big, big ups to the hilarious and industrious Jay Boller of The Sports Hole. He caught a good chunk of these first through his weekly "Jock Talk" column. It's amazing. Read it.)

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