NFL Picks Week 10: New England Patriots and Teams That Will Keep Sliding

George SeligaCorrespondent INovember 9, 2011

NFL Picks Week 10: New England Patriots and Teams That Will Keep Sliding

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    New England has had a rough couple of weeks.They are certainly not the only team that is struggling to put together a winning streak. No matter if you are a team that is a playoff contender or a team that is struggling, at the end of the day you just want to get a win.

    Here is a look at five teams that will continue to struggle and add to their losing streak.

New England Patriots

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    The Patriots are have been struggling as of late. They suffered a tough loss to the Giants this past weekend which makes them tied with the Jets and Bills for first place in the AFC East Division. They play the Jets who are finally starting to come around and be the Super Bowl contenders that they were predicted to be.

    New England has a chance to snap a two-game losing streak with a win but they are playing a tough and determined Jets team. The Jets have a chip on their shoulder and could come up with the victory in this game.

San Diego Chargers

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    San Diego is a team that is notorious for choking at one point throughout the season. Already, San Diego has suffered two losses over the past two weeks and is now in a three-way tie with the Raiders and Chiefs.

    San Diego was the favorite to win the West but if they can't stop this losing streak, it is going to be a long and miserable rest of the season.

Washington Redskins

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    The Redskins got off to a great start. They won three out of their first four games and were rolling on both offense and defense. Now, the Redskins sit at the bottom of their division with a 3-5 record.

    They are on a four-game losing streak and face a hungry Miami team that just came off of their first win.

Cleveland Browns

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    Cleveland might have been hit by the Madden Curse this year. Since Peyton Hillis graced the cover of this year's Madden video game, he is not performing like he did last year. He has been injured for a good portion of the year and the Browns can't get any offense going.

    The Browns have a chance of winning this upcoming game against the Rams but if they can't, their losing streak will continue for a while.

Indianapolis Colts

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    This year has not been kind to the Indianapolis Colts. After losing Peyton Manning all year, the Colts haven't won a game yet.  The Colts have not looked good on offense or defense and are struggling to find any type of momentum.

    They are going to continue to struggle until Peyton is able to come back and lead that team.