4 Guys Thrilled to See Terrell Owens Blackballed from the NFL

Chris CortesCorrespondent INovember 8, 2011

4 Guys Thrilled to See Terrell Owens Blackballed from the NFL

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    The once-elite Terrell Owens used to be a hot commodity in the NFL. Now, T.O. is practically begging NFL teams to give him a shot to play football again. His recent workout for NFL teams was not attended by anyone and hope seems slim for T.O. to play this year. Here are a few NFL personalities who are not disappointed in T.O.'s demise.

Tom Brady

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    Arguably one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, Tom Brady has had a difficult time utilizing Chad Ochocinco up in New England. 

    Ochocinco is a former All-Pro and Brady has usually been able to get the most out of his receivers. 

    However, Ochocinco has had issues with his attitude and has been a bit of a headache in New England. 

    With this being said, Brady must be thrilled that the Pats missed T.O.'s workout and that he will not have to pair up Terrell Owens.

Donovan McNabb

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    When T.O. and Donovan McNabb played together in Philadelphia, their relationship was tumultuous to put it mildly. 

    They had some success, as they were able to make it to one Super Bowl, but their problems spilled out into the media where Owens often bashed his quarterback.   

    I can’t help but think that McNabb has been getting some satisfaction out of seeing Owens' failed attempts at getting back into the NFL.

Ray Lewis

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    In 2004, Terrell Owens was almost dealt to the Baltimore Ravens by the San Francisco 49ers who believed they still retained his rights. 

    Owens vetoed this deal, and after meeting with an arbitrator, he ended up with Philadelphia, essentially forcing his way out of Baltimore. 

    Since then, things have been tense at best between Lewis and Owens, as they have taken their shots at each other in the media. 

    Ironically, Owens didn’t want to come to Baltimore, and now Baltimore may be headed to a Super Bowl.

Jeff Garcia

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    Jeff Garcia was T.O.’s quarterback for part of his time in San Francisco, and their relationship soured quickly.

    Owens would praise the play of backup quarterback Tim Rattay as a backhanded slap to Garcia’s play, and would even question Garcia’s sexuality in interviews. 

    While Owens went on to have a much better career than Garcia, Garcia is probably enjoying T.O.’s struggle right now.