NFL Week 9: Biggest Bonehead Plays of the Day

Mike Foster@michaelsfosterCorrespondent INovember 6, 2011

NFL Week 9: Biggest Bonehead Plays of the Day

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    Just because the NFL players are professionals does not mean they won't do silly things.

    That was definitely the case again this weekend, as many strange happenings boggle the football fan's mind.

    Some plays were innocent, and somewhat funny, while others were downright head-scratching.

    Nevertheless, here were the top five bonehead plays of the day.

Dustin Keller's Failed Leap

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    Today, Dustin Keller decided to try to do his best Knowshon-Hillis impression.

    Things didn't turn out so well for the New York Jets tight end.

    Keller caught a pass on a bootleg play and had plenty of running room for a first down.

    After he caught the ball and advanced at least 10 yards, Keller decided he'd try to get a little extra and hurdle a defender.

    The dumb part was the fact he had already gained the first down, and the bad part was the fact he ended up having to try to hurdle two men.

    Instead of making an acrobatic play, Keller got upended and flipped head-over-heels, falling straight down on his back. He got up slowly and winced in pain, trying to play if off as if it didn't hurt.

    We all know what pain looks like. Keller was hurting, and feeling a little foolish.

Matt Ryan's No-Look Interception

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    Matt Ryan has had somewhat of a down year, and it showed again today against a woeful Indianapolis team.

    Backed up deep in Falcons territory, inside the five-yard line, Ryan thought he had a backside slant open to Roddy White.

    Ryan assumed way too much. He took the snap, looked away from Roddy, and immediately threw the ball to the left side as if he was 100 percent positive the slant was gong to be open.

    Instead, Ryan was completely wrong. He threw the ball right into the hands of a Colts defender, who returned it for a touchdown.

    Luckily for the Falcons, it was the only touchdown scored by the Colts in the game.

Chiefs Botched Field-Goal Attempt

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    Today, against Miami, the Chiefs set up to attempt a 52-yard field goal.

    Unlike last week, special teams were not a point of triumph for the men in red.

    Instead, the snap was botched, and holder Dustin Colquitt made one of the funniest unsuccessful attempts at saving a botched field goal in the NFL.

    Garo Yepremian would have been proud.

    Colquitt picked the ball up and initially looked to find a receiver, but none of the Chiefs players had run up-field.

    So, with the ball up in arms, Colquitt decided to just aimlessly leap into the pile of players. Colquitt got absolutely smacked and, of course, fumbled the ball.

    Let's just say it wasn't worth the effort, or pain.

Colt McCoy's Late Interception

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    Already losing big, the Browns made the interesting decision to throw a pass play with seconds winding down late in the first half.

    They probably should have kept the ball on the ground. It's not like an extra 20 yards would have made a difference in this game.

    But, the Browns did try to sling the ball downfield, and they regretted the results.

    Colt McCoy shot a pass into triple coverage, which was intercepted and run back to the Cleveland 20 yard line.

    The Texans got a field goal out of the play and increased their imposing lead.

    Things are never right in Cleveland, but this play was especially woeful.

Painter's Double Pass

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    Colts (replacement) quarterback Curtis Painter showed his youth today with one of the more comical plays of his young and terrifying career.

    In the first half, and deep in Indianapolis territory, Painter tried to throw a pass of his back foot (which was Issue No. 1) against a pressuring Falcons defensive front.

    Atlanta's Lawrence Sidbury tipped the pass straight back to Painter, who caught the ball.

    Painter then immediately passed the ball again, late, to his tailback. Dunta Robinson had a bead on the second pass and laid quite a lick on the intended receiver.

    Of course, the play was a display of an illegal forward pass, as two forward passes are not allowed during a play.

    Not only did the Colts get penalized, but they looked hilarious doing it.