Cole Hamels Calls The New York Mets "Choke Artists"—But What's The Big Deal?

C KSenior Analyst IDecember 13, 2008

Yes, Cole Hamels called the Mets "choke artists." ESPN made their usual short fuss about the statement, and there were a few articles on this site about the statement, mostly by Mets fans. The Mets writers criticized Hamels for the statement; only the Mets Police did not.

Instead, the Mets Police agreed with Hamels, saying Cole Hamels Was Right About The Mets. He said:"So go be mad at Cole Hamels and let it motivate you, but don't forget one thing. He's right."All I can say is, "Thank You!" I never thought I would see the day. I mean, a Mets fan admitting their team was a choke artist. It's amazing, and for that, I salute you Mets Police.

But for those who thought Cole Hamels was wrong for his statements, please think again. Go back to a time when the Mets had all but locked up the division with a seven game lead with seventeen games left. Advance seventeen games, and remember the agony you felt when the Mets completed the biggest choke in sports history.

Then move on to 2008, when the Mets once again collapsed down the stretch, missing the season for the second year in a row. How bad did you feel this time? I bet you felt even worse than in 2007. So when the Phillies won the World Series, you probably felt the worst you had felt in a long, long time.

Yes, you did choke. In fact, your team performed the choke of all chokes. It was worse than the Phillies' 1964 collapse. It was the worst collapse ever.

So when Cole Hamels said what he said, why would you take offense to that? Why would you feel that he said something wrong? You fans know that your team choked. You fans admitted that fact many times. So why are you upset?

Is it because you hate getting told about it? Is that why? Only you are allowed to call yourselves choke artists? Or is it that you (and K-Rod and his "team to beat" statement) are just looking for "motivation" for the Mets?

I hope it's the latter of the two I mentioned, because if you are upset about the comment because you are babies and don't want to be reminded, I'll only laugh at you more. It shows how sad your situation is. It makes you seem weak, vulnerable, and desperate.

So don't criticize Cole Hamels. He was 200% right about what he said. The Mets have choked for the past two years. It's a fact. People are going to say what they want about it, and you need to deal with it. Until the Mets actually make it to the playoffs, don't come crying over what someone says about the Mets choking. They choked, now you face the consequences.