7 Ugliest Tattoos in the NFL

Clay DefayetteCorrespondent IIINovember 7, 2011

7 Ugliest Tattoos in the NFL

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    Football players love their tattoos as much as any sport, maybe with the exception of the NBA athletes. Arm tattoos are the main spot where the viewers can see their favorite player's ink, for good or bad. 

    More people hate tattoos than love them, but the world we live in sees many players get them. Some listed are not recommended if you're in the regular business world.

    There are many more tattoos that cannot be distinguished due to terrible fading, but these seven stand out, especially because of each player's skill.

7. Brian Urlacher

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    The barbed wire deal is completely overdone in addition to being ugly. At least Brian Urlacher has no other terrible tattoos to speak of.

    The ink on Urlacher's right arm is completely faded, almost as if he's trying to get it to disappear. Unfortunately, that won't happen without surgery.

    In relation to Urlacher, maybe the barbed wire symbolizes how he wraps up ball carriers with his brutal tackling.

    Nonetheless, it's still not great to see when the camera focuses in on Urlacher, and it does a lot.

6. Ben Roethlisberger

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    If you aren't sporting a lean midsection, don't get this tattoo.

    Most people don't see Ben Roethlisberger's tattoo, but it still isn't needed. It seems like a feminine idea for a tattoo, anyway.

    The word doesn't fit Roethlisberger but to his defense, it's not a visible or large tattoo. 

5. Michael Vick

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    Michael Vick is a man of many tattoos, but one stands out as the worst.

    Superman is on the hand of Philadelphia's quarterback. The Falcons and Eagles both fly themselves and they should mean more to the employee who's signed two $100 million deals.

    It's difficult to even make out what's on Vick's hand anyway. 

4. Jeremy Shockey

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    Too much of a good thing can turn bad. Such is the case with Jeremy Shockey's arm tattoos.

    Being patriotic is cool, but being so patriotic that your pride requires tattoos on both arms for the same concept isn't necessary. The color is unique and well-done, but it wouldn't hurt to have a black tattoo to switch it up.

    In the end, Shockey's arms look trashy. Don't call them trailer park-like because no one in a double-wide is getting that good of a job done at their tattoo parlor.

3. Chris Johnson

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    It's hard to tell where Chris Johnson's torso tattoo begins and ends, which is one way to help get on this list.

    It's not that the job was done poorly but it still leaves us wondering, "What the hell is it?" I'm guessing those are eyes on Johnson's chest, but what specifically is the creature?

    Johnson's cash, dreadlocks and tattoos make him similar to Lil Wayne, with the two being overhyped sellouts from their former selves. 

2. Jason Babin

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    Eagles' defensive end Jason Babin must not have been able to make up his mind when he was getting inked, because the results are terrible.

    For everyone who gets criticized for their tattoos, they usually tell of its meaning. What the hell do blocky, random lines mean, Mr. Babin?

    Babin's arms are too jacked to have this garbage covering them. There's no turning back on this tattoo. 

1. Mitch King

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    Mitch King is a backup defensive lineman for the New Orleans Saints and I wish he never saw the field.

    Hope that King doesn't make a play because he'll immediately flash his biceps, which are pathetic enough. Hurting his case even more is that dumb "Mama's Boy," with each separate word on each arm.

    Officials should flag New Orleans for unsportsmanlike conduct whenever King does his stupid routine.