NFL Fact or Fiction: Green Bay Packers Face Tennessee Titans in Super Bowl XLVI

Danielle Ennis@ennismenace11Contributor IINovember 2, 2011

NFL Fact or Fiction: Green Bay Packers Face Tennessee Titans in Super Bowl XLVI

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    The undefeated Packers seem poised for a repeat, and have all the potential to still be in uniform come February. But, will their remaining schedule pose too much of a challenge, halting their winning ways?

    Meanwhile, the Titans started their season strong at 3-1, erasing speculation and raising expectations. Then, consecutive losses to the Steelers and Texans, with a combined score of 79-24, deflated hopes.  This past week, they managed to defeat the winless Indianapolis Colts. Are they back on track or did they simply do what was expected of any team versus the Colts at home?

    Could the Packers and Titans meet in Super Bowl XLVI?

Packers: Tough Road Ahead

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    While they have come half-way without suffering a defeat, they enter a second half stretch that entails a much more challenging schedule than they saw in September and October.

    The first seven opponents they faced hold an 18-29 record with a .382 winning percentage. Four of the seven (Panthers, Broncos, Rams, Vikings) have losing records. The remaining nine opponents have a 34-26 record with a .567 winning percentage. Only one of those nine (the Vikings) has a losing record.

    They start their battle ahead with the Chargers on Sunday.

Packers: Ahead of the Game

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    Despite the looming schedule, the Packers are still way ahead of the race.

    When not at Lambeau, they are 4-0, showcasing their ability to win on the road. Even if they were to lose their remaining four away games, they could finish 12-4, which is impressive. The only other two teams undefeated on the road are the Detroit Lions and San Francisco 49ers.

    The only team close to Green Bay's elite record are the 49ers, with one loss at 6-1. The remaining contending teams have at least two losses.

Packers: Aaron Rodgers

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    If there is one telling aspect of the Packers' probable Super Bowl appearance, it's Aaron Rodgers.

    The quarterback never seemed to lose his steam after last year's Super Bowl win and has only seemed to improve.

    His stats lead just about everyone.

    Rodgers hasn't gone a game with less than two touchdowns and has only thrown three interceptions in seven games. He leads the league in touchdowns with 20 and leads the league in completion percentage with a freakishly high 71.5 percent (171 for 239 total). The only thing he's not taken over (barely) is yards. With 2,372 he's third in the NFL.

    There seems to be nothing stopping his success, as he continues throwing the Packers towards Indianapolis.

Titans: Chris Johnson & Weak Running Game

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    While the Titans won on Sunday, it surely wasn't thanks to running back Chris Johnson. For the sixth time in seven games, Johnson rushed for less than 60 yards. His 34 yard performance was shoddy enough to get him benched by Titans' Coach Mike Munchack, who decided to have him and Javon Ringer split time.

    If the Titans hope to make a run towards the Super Bowl, they need to start making a run towards the endzone. Prior to the Colts' game, their average rushing yards per game was 64.3. The 96 yards tallied against Indianapolis boosted them to just shy of 70, which is still the worst in the league.

Titans: Do They Have a Chance?

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    While a midway point in the season means there's a lot of room for improvement and a lot of time for adjustment in the division standings, the Titans still have to do a lot to do to move toward a Super Bowl.

    Fact or Fiction: The Titans can make it to the Super Bowl.