Tim Tebow and 7 Worst Starting Quarterbacks in NFL Right Now

Matt Bowen@@IsItGameTimeYetAnalyst IIOctober 31, 2011

Tim Tebow and 7 Worst Starting Quarterbacks in NFL Right Now

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    The 2011 NFL season is now at its midway point, and some quarterbacks just aren't cutting it. Led by Tim Tebow, these starters are the worst in the NFL. Whether it's because of lack of ability or failing to live up to the hype, these players are driving their fans crazy right now. 

    While there's still hope for a few of these quarterbacks, there's no future for others in this league. Fans of these teams will just have to bide their time as their franchises seem to be in peril with these men under center. 

    Week in and week out, fans wonder how bad it's going to be because of their quarterback. Blood pressure spikes, objects are thrown and TVs across America are turned off. Fans continuously have to walk away wondering about next week and ultimately about next year. 

    Here are Tim Tebow and the seven worst quarterbacks in the NFL right now. 

Honorable Mention: Carson Palmer Is Rusty

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    While it's true that Oakland Raiders' quarterback Carson Palmer has only played in one game with his new team, he didn't look good at all. 

    Palmer went just 8-of-21 and threw three interceptions against the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 7. Palmer should be much better in Week 9 now that he's had some time to gel with his new receivers and the Raiders are coming off of the bye week. 

    Until he proves that he can perform at an NFL level, he's one of the worst. Fans have to wonder how fast Palmer will shake the rust. The Raiders are currently 4-3 and will need him to be solid if they're to make the playoffs. 

7. Joe Flacco Is Inconsistent

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    Despite being 5-2, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is struggling. In his defense, he did lead a comeback win in Week 8 of epic proportions, but he didn't throw a touchdown against the Arizona Cardinals.

    Flacco was 31-of-51 on the day and may have saved himself from being run out of town with the win. On the season, Flacco has a dismal 53.8 completion percentage. While he has had three games of 300-plus yards, he also has three games of 200 yards or less.

    If the Baltimore Ravens are to be Super Bowl contenders, Flacco must be better.

6. Josh Freeman Is Taking His Lumps This Year

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    Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman is having a down season. After only throwing six interceptions in 2010, Freeman already has thrown 10 in just seven games this season. 

    The Buccaneers are 4-3, and Freeman had a chance to regroup during their Week 8 bye. He's only thrown seven touchdowns in seven games. In comparison to last year's 25, he's been disappointing so far. 

    Freeman will only get better, but for now he's one of the worst.

5. Matt Cassel Is Below Average at Best

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    Matt Cassel has never been known for huge numbers, but he's gotten the job done. Right now, the Kansas City Chiefs are 3-3, but fans can only wonder how good they would be if they had a gunslinger throwing the ball. 

    Last season, the Chiefs went 10-6 as Cassel threw 27 touchdowns to just seven interceptions. He's already thrown seven interceptions this season, and 10 games remain. Given, weapons like Tony Moeaki and Jamaal Charles are injured for the season, but the NFL doesn't accept excuses.

    Another worrisome stat that Cassel possesses is that he only averages 184.3 yards per game. In a passer-friendly NFL, 184.3 yards per game won't cut it.  

    In his defense, he has the least amount of attempts for a quarterback that has started every game. This fact might prove that the Chiefs don't have much confidence in their quarterback.

4. Blaine Gabbert Looks Like a Rookie

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    Things haven't been easy for Jacksonville Jaguars rookie quarterback Blaine Gabbert this season. In seven games, he has an NFL-worst 129.1 yards-per-game average and has yet to throw for 1,000 yards. 

    The NFL is a tough place for a kid to get thrown to the wolves, and right now Gabbert is getting chewed up and spit out. He has a 5-4 touchdown to interception ratio, but the 2-6 Jaguars have only scored 20-plus points once. 

    In the end, Gabbert can only get better. For now, he's one of the worst. 

3. Matt Moore Isn't Made for the NFL

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    Miami Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore emulates his team in the sense that they both stink. The Dolphins are 0-7, and Moore has only thrown one touchdown in three starts. 

    Moore's completion percentage is a modest 59.1 percent, but being sacked 16 times in four appearances doesn't help his confidence. His season-high for yards is only 204 while his season low was 137 against the New York Giants in Week 8. 

    The Dolphins have no hope with Moore at the helm and appear to be front-runners in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes. 

2. Kevin Kolb Is a Bust

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    Arizona Cardinals fans have to be hanging their heads after their disappointing 1-6 start. With the acquisition of quarterback Kevin Kolb in the offseason, the Cardinals were supposed to be a playoff team. Wrong. Kolb hasn't impressed many, and his team has lost six straight games. 

    Kolb does have 1,706 yards in seven games, but he's thrown eight interceptions to his eight touchdowns. He has thrown an interception in six consecutive games. Kolb has only completed at least 60 percent of his passes in two games and was a measly 10-of-21 against the Baltimore Ravens in Week 8. 

    Kolb has to step his game up, or Cardinals fans may revolt. 

1. Tim Tebow Can't Connect

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    Let's face it—Tim Tebow is not a quality NFL quarterback. In his second start of the season in Week 8 against the Detroit Lions, Tebow once again failed to complete 50 percent of his passes. 

    His struggles leave the 2-6 Denver Broncos in the doldrums. What are they supposed to do with Tebow? The organization has already gone "all-in" with Tebow when they benched former starting quarterback Kyle Orton earlier in the season. 

    While Tebow has a place somewhere in the NFL, it's not at quarterback. He's by far the worst in the NFL right now. Tebow supporters need to realize that he's not the Broncos' franchise quarterback. 

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