2008 Pro Wrestling Awards: 2008 B/R Wrestling Writer of The Year

Ron Johnson@TLCCaptainSenior Writer IDecember 10, 2008

So everyone is handing out awards this year, including Trey Bradley. So I'm handing out an award for my section. I've been watching the Pro Wrestling Section for quite a good while, and I have to say that there are some talented writers out there.

So it's time to recognize some of those writers who have done their part in making the section one of the fastest rising sections in Bleacher Report History.

Here's the nominees for for the 2008 Writer of the Year.

#1) Ross

From the beginning, there was Ross. He has been writing with B/R for quite some time, and he has never shied away from a challenge. Lately, he's been in a heated battle with Joe Burgett. And because of the anarchy he has unleashed, he has earned a top spot among the B/R Wrestling Section.

And because of his loyalty to the section, I am nominating Ross for the award. Even though he has only garnered the title of Analyst, in my mind, he's one huge article away from being a Senior Writer.

#2) Shane Howard

When the section lost Ryan, we needed someone to step up and take charge of a good situation. We didn't have anyone in mind, so we were stuck with Shane Howard. Ha ha. Just kidding. Actually, Shane stepped up and made himself noticed on the site. He's always full of good ideas, and finds ways to make a column out of gibberish.

Not bad for a middle school teacher. But Howard is a pretty articulate writer. He finds articles on just about everything. And even when he branches out into different sections to write, he still finds time to grace us with a different perspective of wrestling. However, I'm wondering when the humorous articles will start. Again, just kidding.

#3) Joe Burgett

I have called myself the King of Controversy several times. But when Joe Burgett came out and started writing on the wrestling section, he slowly started to take that away from me. Though disgruntled, I let him do his thing. In the process, he managed to push buttons on several of the writers and just as many of the fans.

Whether it was for jealousy or to expose a sinister plot to make our section and our site look bad, Joe Burgettapparently did enough to garner the Top Spot among the Wrestling Writers. So for his tenacity to continue despite adversity, he earns a nomination for Writer of the Year. But will the Nation give him the award or pass it on to someone else?

#4) Daris Brown

Copywriter. Super Dad. Wrestling Fanatic. Writing Affecianado. These are just a few words to describe Daris Brown. He has managed to do all this and keep up with his hectic lifestyle.

If you need someone to make a legitimate argument or gripe about what is going wrong with the world of professional wrestling, D-Breezy is the man to go to...that is whenever I'm not here to pick up the slack. So for his bad boy attitude on the sight (and sensitive side away from it) he gets a nod for Writer of the Year nominations.

#5) Jason Savage

He says that he will write from time to time, but from looking at some of the columns he's done, you would think that Jason Savage spends more time on this site than a certain set of Community Leaders.

But anyone who was around back when Wrestlemania was still a side project deserves some recognition. But the biggest thing about Savage is that he has managed to capitalize on a good situation. In other words, when one writer makes a mistake, he doesn't insult them right off the bat...he does it subtlely and the other guy has no idea what's goin on.

#6) Tim List

He's a young, aspring writer who says he's trying to get his feet wet. Writing on two of the biggest sections on The Bleacher Report sounds like a pretty good start.

Tim List may be a greenhorn on the site, but writing UFC and Wrestling columns is a sure way to raise some hell and get your feet wet. And he earns extra points about Bobby Lashley's possibility of heading to the UFC to challenge Brock Lesnar. And although controversial, he is still a good guy with a great mind for columns.

#7) Jason Iovanna

Twenty plus years of wrestling experience. That's what Jason Iovanna brings to the table. Though he's a relative newcomer to the section, he has still managed to throw his input into the section.

He claims that Storytelling, Athleticism and Controversy are the three mainstays of a perfect wrestling column. But he hasn't figured out that personal opinion does help in some cases. But even without it, his articles are great reads. So for all his hard work and for the experience and expertise he brings to the table, Iovanna gets a nod. But don't try to say his name hammered. It's harder than it looks. 

#8) Kevin Williams

In a world of Giants, Kevin Williams is a New York Giant. An avid watcher of TNA and WWE, Williams even created a fantasy wrestling league. But is he really the next great wrestling writer?

He has enough talent that he creates rivalries and storylines on his blog site. If they're better than the current TNA and WWE Storylines, he'll make a pretty good addition to any company. But unfortunately, he's one of us so the WWE and TNA guys will have to take a backseat. For his creativity, he gets a nomination. But for his pride in his New York Giants, he gets a very impressive nomination.

#9) Josh Nason

You can call him groundbreaking. You can call him phenomenal. You can even call him innovative. I call him the Nasonator. Josh Nason is a man that started two blog sites after leaving the business (I don't think it's mob related).

He also spends time writing for www.411mania.com when he's not dropping a few in our direction. He just earned a spot among the Top Five. But for his very flexible nature, he earns the nomination nod. And don't worry, Josh. If you don't win, you won't be able to have me sleeping in the East River. I don't even like New York.

#10) Demetrus Stokes

They say that you save the best for last. Demetrus Stokes is the next big thing as far as the best goes. But his biggest talent is dropping bombshells and rumors in the form of articles.

It's pretty impressive for a man who spends so much time with family and friends. But what makes it better for him is that he doesn't just focus on wrestling (though it helps in this case). He also focuses football and basketball. So while he and I are drinking beer and watching March Madness, we both will most likely be preparing for Wrestlemania. For his efforts, he gets a nomination.

As always, if you think there is a more fitting writer, drop his name in the comment box.


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