Terrell Owens to Chicago Rush? Why It Would Work for the NFL Star

Chris YowAnalyst IOctober 27, 2011

Terrell Owens was offered a standard contract with Arena Football's Chicago Rush.
Terrell Owens was offered a standard contract with Arena Football's Chicago Rush.Chris Trotman/Getty Images

Never underestimate the Arena Football League.

It never fails, any time there is a high profile football player who has fallen from the graces of the NFL, somebody from the indoor league comes calling.

Remember the Albany Conquest of the arena football 2 league offered Michael Vick $200 per game to play after he was released from prison, and now Vick makes $100 million.

The Chicago Rush announced today the franchise has offered Terrell Owens a standard contract with the team, worth either $400 per game or as a marketing player $1,000 per contest.

Marketing the team would be something Owens could use. Besides, with his ego, Owens would love to know at least 50 percent of the crowd was on hand just to see him on the field, no matter where the Rush were playing.

To commemorate the offer, the Rush have given fans an $81 flex plan, including four tickets to four home games, four Chicago Rush caps and four Nike Dri-Fit Chicago Rush shirts—assuring nobody will have to workout shirtless ever again.

The deal may seem raw or even degrading, but in fairness, Owens could use the exposure. The AFL is set up for wide receivers to excel. He would have the ability to quiet naysayers who think he is burned out.

If nothing else, Owens could use the spot to show NFL teams he can be a mentor to young players, and change the locker room antics. Interaction with the fans is critical in the AFL, and that is certainly something Owens can have fun doing.

The AFL may be a shell of what it was a few years ago, but the league is surviving with a legitimate, although a niche, product.

Owens could give the league a quick shock, and then tell himself what a great service he did for the game.

Seems like a win-win situation.

Unless he stinks.