Tebowing Meme: Tim Tebow Takes His Pose to New Heights

Timothy RappFeatured ColumnistOctober 28, 2011

Tebowing Meme: Tim Tebow Takes His Pose to New Heights

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    It's more referential than planking. It's less intrusive than photo bombing. Its purpose is about as articulated as the average protest.

    Yes, I am talking about the latest fad that is sweeping the nation: Tebowing!

    But the movement is lacking something—a cameo by the man himself performing the act. And so, rather than wait (until Sunday) for that to happen, I've recreated a few scenes with a "Tebowing" Tebow.

    It's memes. It's Tebowing. It's more fun than laying on a slab of concrete somewhere for no discernible reason whatsoever.

10. The Thinking Tebow

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    Dude, that little girl is paying Tebow no mind at all.

    I'll bet her name is "Every-other-team-in-the-NFL-during-the-2010-draft."

    She goes by "Throwing Motion" for short.

9. Tim Tebow Does Not Promote Laziness

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    While I think we were all a bit disappointed in Haynesworth at the moment he decided to simply lay on the grass while Michael Vick scampered away, it seems wholly inappropriate that Tim Tebow would walk on the field during a game he wasn't involved in to reflect upon a waste of God-given talent.

    But that's exactly what happened.

8. Tim Tebow as "Dayman"

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    Methinks somebody forgot to pay the troll toll.

7. Tebow Is a Role Model

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    I'm not exactly sure what is happening here, though it would appear that the King is ignoring Tebow as he bows in respect while one of his minions is ordering Tebow to kiss his fan.

    And then this happened.

    If you didn't see Role Models, you probably have no idea what is happening right now.

6. Tebow Was Heartbroken About the Whole Tiger Thing

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    In the mind of Tebow at this very moment:

    So wait—Tiger was married and he had sex with how many women? Out of wedlock? And one of them worked at a Perkins?

    Seriously dude, a Perkins? You're Tiger bleeping Woods, man—why were you even near a Perkins? You could probably buy the company, for heaven's sake.

    I'm not even sure where to start on this one, God...

5. Tebow Is the 99 Percent

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    Well, I suppose this is one way to spend your bye week.

4. This Is How We All Felt After Seeing It

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    I mean seriously, that video was pretty gross.

3. Tim Tebow Succumbs to the Dark Side

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    No! Don't give in to the dark side of the force, young Tebowalker!

    Spoiler alert: His Father saves him.

2. Who Let Tebow on the Stage?

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    And he had to come on stage for this song, didn't he?

1. Tebow Knows Greatness When He Sees It

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    Tebow was so overcome by the wisdom and simplicity of Ron Swanson, he dropped to a knee right on the spot and thanked God for bringing the man into his life.

    As we all should.


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