NFL Football: A No-Show for Terrell Owens

Ronnie HampstonCorrespondent IOctober 25, 2011

How long will T.O remain in the unemployed line?
How long will T.O remain in the unemployed line?Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The end of Terrell Owens' career might be approaching sooner than later.

Power agent Drew Rosenhaus scheduled a workout for T.O. so teams could view the free agent's surgically-repaired knee. T.O. ran routes and drills and looked fluid while doing them. With expectations of being signed by a championship contender, no team in the entire league showed up to view Owens' workout.

I think it is B.S. that T.O. is getting this type of treatment, but it is a reality.

I feel that teams like the Cardinals, Raiders, Redskins, Titans and Buccaneers could all benefit from having T.O. on their team. While in Cincinnati last season, Owens showed flashes of greatness, but his season was ended early due to injury.

In this stage of T.O.'s career, I feel he will do anything to be part of a team. If this was five years ago, T.O. would come with a lot of baggage.

It is a shame to see a future Hall of Fame player get treated in this manner. It's funny, because Brandon Stokley can come off the street and get a contract.

Really?!! Brandon Stokley?

T.O. is getting phased out the NFL and is getting the treatment that Allen Iverson received from the NBA. This may not be the end of the road for T.O., but it is looking like the last dance. Maybe his workout will catch the eye of some organization. 

As I sit and watch football and look at players like Greg Camarillo, Brandon Stokley and Roy Williams get opportunities, it only becomes a head-scratcher to wonder: Why not T.O.?