Tim Tebow: 5 Reasons Why He's Not as Good as the Media Wants Him to Be

AJ Krow@Krowbar44Contributor IIOctober 25, 2011

Tim Tebow: 5 Reasons Why He's Not as Good as the Media Wants Him to Be

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    Tim Tebow.

    Bring up that name and you will draw a multitude of reactions ranging from anger, unabashed praise, downright fawning and pure hate.  Tebow is the most polarizing player in NFL history.  Think about it.  Has anyone had their game broken down and scrutinized in as many ways as Tim Tebow? 

    He has been called a lot of things:  A star, a solid QB, an H-Back, a tight end, a playmaker, and of course, a bust.  While I think you don't turn quarterbacks into physical players, he is nothing more than a situational option.

    On the heels of his dramatic (not really) come from behind victory over the (winless) Miami Dolphins, the debate has been conjured back up because the media wants to give him all the credit. 

    Don't believe what you're hearing, and here's why:

5. Spiral-Ability

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    Anyone who has watched Tebow play in the NFL should be able to notice one thing immediately: 

    Is this dude incapable of throwing a spiral or does he just hate his receivers?

    I know this isn't exactly a main tenant in the quarterback handbook, but come on.  It's bad enough he is left-handed, which already makes the ball more difficult to catch, and it doesn't help that his throws come in rotating in eight different directions.  Ask anyone who has played receiver if it's easier to catch a spiral or one of Tebow's dancing floaters.

    I'd rather catch a knuckle punt than an out route from him.

4. Accuracy

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    Again, is Tebow just naturally inaccurate or does he hate his receivers?

    I get that some passes are reserved for Rodgers, Brady, Brees and Manning, but if you watched Sunday's game against Miami it looked like an old Madden game when you threw outside of your QB's passing cone and missed by 15 yards.  Tebow wasn't even close on a lot of his passes. 

    Tebow apologists instantly point out the spotty play of the Broncos' offensive line.  Are you sure about that?  I agree that Tebow was under duress on some throws, but watch other NFL quarterbacks (not Kyle Boller) and see how far they miss on throws when they are pressured.  Pressure or a player at their feet can cause a short arm or an errant throw, almost never by more than a few feet. 

    Tebow regularly missed by over 10 yards.  Heck, he managed to miss a dump off to a receiver in the flat THAT WAS FOUR YARDS IN FRONT OF HIM AND UNCOVERED!  Even Vince Young can make that throw, and I HATE giving that pathetic excuse for a quarterback any credit. 

    Even the throws he was making in the fourth quarter were much more a product of great plays by Daniel Fells and others.

3. Arm Strength/Touch

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    I can't figure Tebow out.  He has a good arm, but sometimes he doesn't.  He has no concept of touch on short throws or when he needs to stick it in the hole.  He is one of the worst I've ever seen at throwing screen passes and check downs.  He struggles driving the ball off of his five and seven step drops. 

    When he does throw with power he loses a lot of accuracy and his ball wobbles.

    Simply put, Tebow is unable to stick the ball in tight windows and deliver it with velocity and accuracy at the same time.

2. Intangibles That Don't Translate

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    Sorry, Timmy, but this is the NFL.  That means there are men in this league, not teenagers.  In college, Tebow could get away with his Rah-Rah style of leading, but I do not see 30-year-old men with families responding to his JV theatrics. 

    It seems to me like Tebow's leadership is forced and more of a show than a natural reaction.  I think he would be much better off by leading by example, and using his toughness (which he definitely does have) to show his teammates that he deserves their respect.

    His teammates will be naturally resentful of all the praise he gets and all the credit he gets from the media, so he is best served, in my opinion, to ditch the All-American Kid act and turn into a cold-blooded killer. 

1. There's Game Tape You Can Watch...

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    Just watch the tape.  Honestly.  Anyone who can watch that Miami game, a game against a winless team that is imploding and probably going to fire their coach, and still think that Tebow, who completed less than 50 percent of his passes, is a good QB, is flat out wrong. 

    Look, I have Tebow on my fantasy team and think he will be a great FANTASY quarterback by eating up garbage time yards and touchdowns, but I would NOT want him on my real team. 

    He is easy to game plan against (blitz him and force him to make a tough throw) and can't beat a good corner with the throw.

    Sorry, media, I'm not buying what you're selling.