Colt Brennan and Redskins Fans May Not Have To Sit Down Much Longer

Travis EvansCorrespondent IDecember 9, 2008

The fans of the Redskins are getting bored. The only thing keeping me awake during the Ravens-Redskins game was Ravens safety, Ed Reed. I fell asleep in bed during the third quarter.

The talent the Redskins have is indisputable. Running back Clinton Portis is most likely going to make the Pro Bowl; and if wasn't injury plagued may have had a shot at 2,000 yard season. The defense also has been prone to injury, but is ranked in the top ten in the NFL.

So why does the headline say "Colts and Redskins Fans May Not Be Sitting Down Much Longer?"

Because, Colt's chance is coming and we all have this feeling of uncertainty. Not knowing if he will be great or a bust. I know I will jump right up when he takes the field. It will wake me right up.


These stats are Great, but wait, he played in the WAC. So did Devone Bess, the Miami wide out, he is doing pretty well this year.

Colt may have been in a pass happy offense; but June Jones (former head coach) left and went to SMU and they went an amazing 1-11. Four Hawaii QBs have seen action this year, none of which can get close to Brennan's success.

Then before all this, Brennan is considered widely THE best QB in the draft up to the "Sugar Bowl." Also suffered from a bad Senior Bowl, due to a ailing hip injury. The surgery also dropped his stock.

The Bulldogs claimed if they stop Brennan they will win. Unfortunately, they were right. They brought heat every down and blitzed, blitzed, and blitzed. Colt took the beating of his life.

Now many a Redskins fan have said it's the line's fault, Portis' fault, and the wide outs. The leading receiver in the game had a average game with 10 rec and 105 yards. Colt was sacked THE most of the season, eight times. Hawaii also had a RB with only 26 yards to lead the team in rushing. So fellow 'Skins fans and sports casters, you support my argument Colt would be starting on a team, if it wasn't for the Bulldogs.

A quote from a ESPN writer after the game "The Dawgs were able to get after Hawaii physically and relentlessly pressured Colt Brennan"- Jim Donnan.

The Redskins' season needs some major surgery, we all can agree; will Brennan fix all the issues? No, he can't; he isn't a doctor, and can't heal players, but maybe he can help the offense start up. When the Redskins declare the season a bust; we may see Colt Brennan for the first time ever in the NFL.

Unless the Redskins get major help from other teams, we're out of the playoffs. Maybe with the Cowboys' schedule, it may help, but will it be enough? You tell me.