NFL Injury Report: The Key Injuries That Could Cripple Your Fantasy Team

Justine BrownCorrespondent IIOctober 24, 2011

NFL Injury Report: The Key Injuries That Could Cripple Your Fantasy Team

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    Week 7 saw a number of fantasy football stars suffer game ending injuries. Sunday was an especially bad day for running backs, which means many fantasy rosters could suffer.

    With the severity of most of these injuries still up in the air, it is hard to say who will be back next week and who will miss the remainder of the season.  Here are five players who's injuries—if determined to be serious—could destroy fantasy teams. 

Darren McFadden, Running Back: Oakland Raiders

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    The NFL's leading rusher heading through Week 7, Darren McFadden has a been a fantasy football superstar this season.  

    Suffering what was believed to be a sprained foot during the first half of Oakland's loss to the Chiefs on Sunday, McFadden did not reenter the game.

    If McFadden's injury is determined to be more severe, resulting in him missing multiple games, fantasy teams all over will suffer from his absence.

Matthew Stafford, Quarterback: Detroit Lions

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    Detroit fans and fantasy owners everywhere held their breath Sunday when quarterback Matthew Stafford left the Lions' game during their final offensive drive with an injured knee and ankle.  

    The severity of Staffords injury did not seem to be as critical as the ones from the past couple of years, but he still has to be evaluated.

Beanie Wells, Running Back: Arizona Cardinals

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    Another starting running back that suffered a game ending injury today was Arizona's Beanie Wells.  An integral part of the Cardinals offense, Wells injured his right knee against the Steelers. The injury was said to be a sprain, however, having had previous issues with the same knee, Wells will be reevaluated and the Cardinals will take heed.

Earnest Graham, Running Back: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    For those fantasy owners who replaced injured Tampa Bay running back LeGarrette Blount with his back up Earnest Graham, it's more than likely time to find a back-up for the back-up.

    During the first quarter of the Buc's Week 7 game against the Bears, Graham left with an ankle injury and did not return.  Reports are now saying that Graham likely suffered a torn achilles which will end his season.

    After a huge game during Week 6, rushing for 109 yards, Graham was picked up on the waiver wire by numerous fantasy owners. Unfortunately, Graham's time to shine was cut short.