Chicago Bears: Mr. McCaskey, Please Pay Matt Forte Before He Walks

Anonymous ChicagoanContributor IIIOctober 23, 2011

Matt Forte could walk at season's end
Matt Forte could walk at season's endWesley Hitt/Getty Images

Dear Mr. McCaskey,

Please pay our running back Matt Forte. Give him and extension, a raise, or even his own airplane to keep him in a Chicago Bears uniform. Your inept general manager Jerry Angelo has no clue on how to run this team. He has consistently scouted potential talent wrong and now with him at the helm, he is at risk to losing almost 50 percent of our offense...50 percent we most definitely not afford to lose.

Sure Angelo can place the franchise tag on Forte, but how happy will that make him? He did the same thing with LB Lance Briggs and he threatened to hold out the season. Now Briggs wants a trade because his request to have his contract reworked was denied. 

Matt Forte might not have the same loyalty issues as Briggs, but is that worth the pain to find out? The Bears organization needs to show Forte some loyalty and give him the extension. Forte showed loyalty by not holding out of training camp or the regular season after his contract negotiation stalled. He still played.

Forte is a special player the city of Chicago has embraced. There is not a single Bears fan out there who wants to see him in a different uniform. The way to keep him in the blue and orange is to pay him.

Chicago fans know the economy is tough and you have a "unrich" history of not paying for talent. There have been times when the talent recruited by Angelo worked out like Julius Peppers. There are other times when his scouting abilities shine through like Adam Archuleta, Chester Taylor and Brandon Manumaleuna. 


The Bear coaching staff saved you money by cutting the dead weight in Taylor and Manumaleuna, so why not throw that chunk of change Forte's way. You have plenty of room under the salary cap to keep him a Chicago Bear.

Please take this into consideration as your general manager talks with Matt Forte.

If Jerry Angelo lets Matt Forte get away, the angry mob that shows up on Angelo's front lawn is well-deserved just like Forte's contract extension.


A Worried Bears Fan