Tim Tebow and 4 NFL QBs Playing for Starting Spots Next Year

Ryan Alfieri@Ryan_AlfieriCorrespondent IIIOctober 23, 2011

Tim Tebow and 4 NFL QBs Playing for Starting Spots Next Year

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    The Broncos brass may not be in love with Tim Tebow as a long-term starting quarterback right now, but Elway and Fox are at least giving him a chance to prove them wrong.

    Tebow got a couple of starts last year due to an injury to Kyle Orton, but with a new coach and simply because he was starting due to an injury. Now, Orton was benched in favor of Tebow, and the coaching staff and front office are going to use the rest of this season to know if they need to take a quarterback in next year's draft or not. 

    If Tebow succeeds, then the Broncos have their guy. If he does not, they'll be picking high enough to get a top quarterback in the draft anyway. It may not be Andrew Luck, but Mat Barkley, Laundry Jones and Robert Griffin III are fine prospects. 

    Let's look at some other quarterbacks that will be auditioning for starting jobs, whether it be on their current teams or somewhere else. 

Colt McCoy

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    McCoy may be a great guy and a natural leader, but the bottom line is that you need to be able to sling it in this league. Colt's arm may just not be big enough for defenses to play the Browns honestly, making it difficult for the Browns to maintain a consistent offense over the long haul. 

    The Browns have not really improved much since last season, and their wins are unimpressive. McCoy will really need to turn it on for the Browns to not search for another signal-caller next offseason. 

Matt Moore

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    Matt Moore may not be ever be the Dolphin's long-term starting quarterback, but he has at least a chance to do enough good things to intrigue a team looking for a solution for next season. Perhaps a team like Seattle will trade for him next season if they like what they see.

    Since Chad Henne will not be back next year, he can at last prove to the Dolphins that he can be a stop-gap solution until whoever they draft is ready. 

Charlie Whitehurst

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    Whitehurst has not shown a lot in the action he has seen for the Seahawks, but as unlikely as it may seem, he still has a chance to show the Seahawks that he can be a legitimate starter. He led his team to a victory over the Giants, and he now has an opportunity to prove that he has really improved and that his performance was not a fluke. 

    Of course, if he doesn't, the Seahawks can nab themselves a top prospect in the draft. 

John Beck

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    The Redskins like what they have seen from Beck in practice and training camp, and now he has a chance to prove Shanahan made a mistake by not naming him the starter at the start of the season. If Beck plays well enough, there is a very good possibility that he will go into 2012 as the starter.