Assessing Odds Tim Tebow, John Beck and Christian Ponder Win a Championship

Jon Dove@!/Jon_Dove42Contributor IOctober 23, 2011

Assessing Odds Tim Tebow, John Beck and Christian Ponder Win a Championship

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    This week Tim Tebow, John Beck, Kyle Boller and Christian Ponder are making their first starts of the season. Each of these quarterbacks are making their starting debuts because of different situations. Beck, Ponder and Tebow are taking over for ineffective quarterbacks, while Boller and A.J. Feeley are filling in for an injured starter.

    These signal-callers also have very different futures. Kyle Boller and A.J. Feeley are seen as temporary fill-in quarterbacks, only hoping to plug a hole. Tebow, Beck, Ponder are all looking to solidify their team's quarterback situation.

    One thing is certain: They are all looking for a win. Ultimately, every player in the NFL is looking to win a championship. Some of these players have a better chance of winning than others.

    As far as championship odds are concerned, it would be easy to say that A.J. Feeley and Kyle Boller have little to no chance of leading their team to a championship.

    However, the rest of these guys feel they have a chance to do something special.

Tim Tebow's Chances of Winning a Championship

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    Tim Tebow is getting his first start of the season this week, hoping it will be the first of many. Tebow is being provided the opportunity to prove he belongs. The Broncos are not committed to Tim Tebow, making this a crucial time in his career.

    Can Tim Tebow win a championship?

    He has proven that he can lead a football team to success, albeit in college. However, I feel that Tebow has the talent to be a winning NFL quarterback. This doesn't mean that his currently situation is a perfect fit.

    I feel that Tebow needs to be on a team with a great defense. This would allow him to protect the football and play to his strengths. Tebow will never be a guy capable of winning a shootout, but he can be the guy that leads you on a game-winning drive.

    Tebow's abilities are best suited for an offense looking to sustain drives and play field position. He knows how to move the sticks. However, the more passing opportunities he has, the more he will struggle. Tebow will never win a championship if he is asked to throw the ball over 30 times a game.

Christian Ponder's Chances of Winning a Championship

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    The Minnesota Vikings used the 12th-overall pick in the 2011 draft to select quarterback Christian Ponder. Minnesota would not have used such a high pick if they didn't feel Ponder could lead them to a championship.

    However, there are a ton of former first-round picks who never won a championship.

    Christian Ponder is a talented quarterback, but many were surprised with this early selection. The consensus was that Ponder was more of a second-round pick. He had some concerns about his arm strength and injuries.

    Of those concerns, the injuries have to be the most significant. He has had shoulder and elbow problems, something no quarterback wants to worry about. There is a realistic possibility that his injury history could keep him from winning a championship.

    The current Vikings roster is not built to win a championship. They have problems along the offensive line and at wide receiver. Ponder is going to be facing a lot of pressure, as well as dealing with a lack of playmakers. However, this could be a great learning experience for Ponder.

    I think that Ponder will struggle to win a championship during his career. The Minnesota Vikings are not in a very stable situation. They are facing a major battle to find a new stadium, something that will have an impact on the team.

    Adrian Peterson will likely be slowing down when Ponder reaches the peak of his talent. This means that he will spend the early part of his career leaning on Peterson, only to have him pulled out from under him later in his career.

    Outside of Peterson, the offense lacks any true playmakers. Percy Harvin is a good player, but needs to be surrounded by other talent to be effective. Offensively, the Vikings are a long way from competing.

    The defensive situation is very similar to Peterson's situation. They are starting to age, likely looking at a rebuilding effort in the next few years. Again, this unit will be looking to rebuild right when Ponder is entering the prime of his career.

    Of course, it only takes a few good free agent moves to change a roster. However, the current state of the Vikings doesn't lead me to believe Ponder will win a championship.

John Beck's Chances of Winning a Championship

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    Mike Shanahan has had a lot of success in his career, but I just don't believe John Beck is a winning NFL quarterback. He has received plenty of opportunities and was never able to lock down a starting job. This will likely be John Beck's last chance to be a long-term starter.

    Beck has talent, but just can't put it all together. He and Rex Grossman are stopgap solutions for the Washington Redskins, making their chances of winning a championship very slim. Beck and the Redskins do not have an easy schedule, impacting his chances of winning the starting role.

    I fully expect the Washington Redskins to use an early 2012 draft pick to select a quarterback. In my opinion, John Beck will never be a championship-winning quarterback.