Terrell Owens: The Answer to Arizona's Receiving Woes

Julian NikolovskiContributor IIIOctober 22, 2011

Terrell Owens: The Answer to Arizona's Receiving Woes

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    Bear with me on this one.

    You can’t deny that the Arizona Cardinals are in dire need of some spark on offense, and who better to provide that ‘spark’ than Terrell Owens?

    The Cardinals passing game is quite simply one-dimensional. In fact, it is so one-dimensional that the Minnesota Vikings claimed that they knew all of Kevin Kolb’s plays! Something has to change.

    Fitzgerald commands double- and triple-teams on almost every play, and the Cardinals are desperate for a receiver to both help draw defences away form Fitzgerald, and to make big plays and spread the field.

    With Doucet and Roberts failing to assert themselves (feel free to prove me wrong guys), the Cardinals are in need of help.

    So, who better to help out than Terrell Owens?

Making the Most of Larry Fitzgerald

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    "In years past, when I had Boldin, even last year with Steve (Breaston), defenses approached it a little differently. There were times when I could find some space. Now those times are few and far between."

    The man wants help, so give the man some help!

    Fitzgerald is supremely talented, and we all know that, but no man (except those named Calvin Johnson) can beat double- and triple-teams on a consistent basis.

    The Cardinals need to find a way to give Fitzgerald the best opportunity to make plays, and without a legitimate wide receiver opposite him, he will fail to achieve the amazing production that he is capable of.

    Terrell Owens may be 37, but judging by his production with the Bengals last season, he is still good enough to draw receivers and safeties away from Fitzgerald’s side of the field, which would go a long way to sparking the Cardinals' anaemic passing game.

The Numbers Don't Lie

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    Terrell Owens has a whopping nine 1,000 plus-yard seasons!

    What makes that statistic all the more impressive is that despite his increasing age, he has still been able to produce. 

    Owens was 17 yards shy of his 10th 1,000 plus-yard season with the Bengals last year (I might add that he missed two games), and in three of the four years preceding it, he recorded 1,000 or more yards receiving.

    Owens also trails only Jerry Rice in all-time receiving touchdowns, having recorded an unbelievable 153 receiving touchdowns (an average of 10 per season) throughout his career.

    If the Cardinals want a spark, I think they just found it.

Countering the Cons

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    This article would have no legitimacy if I didn’t at least briefly mention the cons of any possible deal for Terrell Owens. So here they are…although you may just find that there could well be no cons.

    Perhaps the biggest con is the question of his age. In this instance I feel as though Owens’ age could well be a positive. Owens’ arrival would give the likes of Roberts, Williams and Sampson another much needed year to settle into the club and perfect their games, without putting their jobs on the line. Not to mention that Owens could also become an additional mentor for these talented young wideouts.

    Yet no matter how old Owens may be, he is still an immature diva at heart. Whisenhunt swears by a professional locker room, but when you are 1-4, and at risk of quickly losing any chance of a playoff appearance, what do you really have to lose? After all, a little excitement wouldn’t hurt in the desert.

    Ultimately my attitude here is as follows: Sure there are some cons and risks with the deal, but ultimately, what do we have to lose?

In Conclusion...

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    The Cardinals’ passing game is struggling to get off the ground, and whilst I certainly agree that both Kolb and the offensive line are partly at fault, the problems could be somewhat alleviated by the arrival of a legitimate ‘No. 2 receiver.’

    Terrell Owens provides experience, production and a little excitement, which could lift the Cardinals’ offense to the lofty expectations that we as fans set for them prior to the season.

    His arrival can help improve Fitzgerald, Kolb, and the Cardinals young wide receivers; and just imagine how deadly Beanie Wells could be with an improved Cardinals passing game.

    At this stage of our season we really have nothing to lose in this deal, and as a result, I think the Cardinals shouldn’t hesitate in bringing Terrell Owens to the desert.