Week 7 Start 'Em, Sit 'Em: Tim Tebow and 7 Studs to Sit

Justin PedersenCorrespondent IIOctober 20, 2011

Week 7 Start 'Em, Sit 'Em: Tim Tebow and 7 Studs to Sit

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    As a fantasy football manager, there comes a time where it is completely necessary to sit a big name on your roster.

    While those times are few and far between, sometimes a matchup is not favorable for specific players and it could be wise to go to someone else for points that week.

    Week 7 of the 2011 NFL season is no different, and with the Bills, Patriots, Bengals, Giants, Eagles and 49ers all on bye weeks, there are still some risky decisions fantasy owners must cope with.

    Here are seven typical fantasy starters you might want to consider sitting in Week 7.

1. Kevin Kolb, QB, Arizona Cardinals

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    Since arriving in Arizona, the former Eagles quarterback has failed to revitalize the Cardinals offense, a task the team was hoping he could tackle from the start. His numbers are not thrilling, having only one more touchdown pass than interceptions thrown through the first five games.

    The Cardinals are 1-4 and most of the blame falls on the underachieving Kolb. A lot of questions are being asked of the quarterback because he was tipped to be a steal for the organization.

    Coming out of the bye week, the Cardinals should be fresh, but that doesn’t mean they have answered all their problems. Sit Kolb against the Steelers for obvious reasons besides his lack of production: Pittsburgh’s D has been its usual solid self since struggling in Week 1 against the Baltimore Ravens.

2. Tim Tebow, QB, Denver Broncos

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    Is the hoopla surrounding Tim Tebow finally slowing down? The NFL will find out this week when the Broncos take on the Miami Dolphins.

    Many are pretty confident in starting Tebow vs. the Fins, but I am hesitant to start the Florida alum.

    The Dolphins have athletic, young corners that put up a good fight and are physical at the line of scrimmage. And with Brandon Lloyd gone, Tebow is going to be short on options when it comes to airing out the football.

    I would sit him this game in favor of another quarterback and use this week as a gauge to which Tebow fantasy owners will be getting the rest of the season.

3. Julio Jones, WR, Atlanta Falcons

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    Having to deal with a slow start to his season, there is no doubt Julio Jones can one day be an All-Pro wideout with the natural abilities he possesses.

    The Falcons offense is sputtering at the moment, though, and Jones is struggling to get involved as well.

    The former Alabama receiver has shown glimpses of his vast potential, but he is still putting it all together. Playing understudy to the talented Roddy White will certainly guide his development, but Jones is also returning from a hamstring injury and that should be a concern for fantasy owners.

    Playing Jones is a risk because wide receivers coming back from injury need a game or two to get back into the swing of things, especially ones dealing with hamstring problems.

4. Brandon Lloyd, WR, St. Louis Rams

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    The acquisition of Brandon Lloyd was met with great excitement, especially for Rams fans. Finally Sam Bradford is going to have a legitimate leading receiver at his disposal.

    Problem is, Bradford is questionable and his replacement is A.J. Feeley.

    Also, if Bradford indeed is a last-minute scratch, don’t expect Feeley to distribute the ball often. He will most likely lean on Stephen Jackson most of the game, and even he doesn’t match up well against the Dallas Cowboys defense.

    Sit Lloyd this week and wait until Bradford comes back, and hopefully they can form a nice partnership soon.

5. James Starks, RB, Green Bay Packers

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    While James Starks has been a breath of fresh air for the Packers so far, Green Bay is a passing team that rarely needs big yards from its running backs. Even during its demolition of St. Louis last week, it was still throwing the ball at will.

    The Vikings are the weakest team in the NFC North and Aaron Rodgers is a frontrunner for MVP. There is little attention needed in their running game because they are usually flawless when they throw the ball.

    Plus the Vikings still have good interior linemen and an elite pass rusher in Jared Allen, making the decision to sit Starks all the more convincing.

6. Shonn Greene, RB, New York Jets

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    If you own Shonn Greene on your fantasy team, the frustration with the Jets’ back is increasing each week.

    For some reason, Greene is a notoriously weak fantasy player, even as a starting running back that gets plenty of touches.

    Many will say start Greene versus a porous San Diego Chargers run defense, but I still think he should sit. Nick Mangold is crucial for the Jets running game and while he is returning to health, Greene is too reliant on the Pro Bowl center.

    If you are running low on options you should obviously start him, but there are definitely other options fantasy owners can take.

7. Greg Olsen, TE, Carolina Panthers

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    Olsen snapped a three-game touchdown streak last weekend, and he has seen his young career blossom ever since he moved from the Chicago Bears to the Panthers.

    However, Olsen did not practice Wednesday, and with the Washington Redskins coming to town, the tight end will need to be 100 percent if he expects to do any damage to the Redskins' stout defense.

    Mike Shanahan’s defense have been spectacular this year—perhaps even underrated so far. Olsen is athletic enough to create space for himself throughout the game, but with Washington’s weapons on defense and the inexperience of Cam Newton at QB, Olsen might not get his share of the ball this week.

    I expect Newton to run his way out of trouble this week instead of throwing, thus eliminating the threat of Olsen.