Top 5 Wide Receivers in the NFL at This Moment

Russell TakeharaContributor IIIOctober 20, 2011

Top 5 Wide Receivers in the NFL at This Moment

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    Six games into the 2011 season, the NFL has become a full blown passing attack. The teams that can move the ball through the air put up W's. Those who can't are searching for answers.

    The NFL has become an explosive league that demands dynamic playmakers. Wide receivers are putting their stamps on the scoreboard. Here are top five right now. 

No. 5: Steve Smith

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    Cam Newton's fast start has put life back into Steve Smith, giving his career a second wind. He has already accumulated 675 receiving yards and has clearly been the go-to guy on an otherwise sad receiving unit. 

    Having once led the Panthers into Superbowl XXXVIII against the Patriots, he is now guiding a new, young team back to NFL relevance. Smith's pure speed and escapability continue to make him one of the most dangerous receivers in the game. 

No. 4: Greg Jennings

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    There is no better quarterback to receiver combination than Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers to Greg Jennings. They have not slowed down from their Super Bowl winning season and are carrying that success to a perfect start. 

    With his route running and ability to turn a defensive back, Jennings continues to come up big for the Packers on third down. The former Western Michigan playmaker now highlights the best wide receiver corps in all of football. 

No. 3: Wes Welker

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    Wes Welker is the cog that keeps the Patriot's offense spinning. The way he attacks all corners of the field opens up everything for Tom Brady. He has an unparalleled ability to work underneath of a defense.  

    New England has yet to hit on any of their young receiving prospects and we are ready to call Ochocino a bust. That said, there might not be a more valuable receiver to any team than Welker is to the Pats.

No. 2: Mike Wallace

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    Mike Wallace is having a true breakout season. He has managed to shine although Big Ben has not. Now in his third NFL season, Wallace has the ability to beat you deep on every snap.

    Getting Rashard Mendenhall and the Steelers' run game going will only open up the air waves. Wallace gets down field like Randy Moss once did.

No. 1: Calvin Johnson

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    Calvin Johnson? Excuse me, I meant Megatron.

    The best receiver in the entire league is on the team that once missed on draft picks Mike Williams, Roy Williams and Charles Rogers.

    Matthew Stafford's ability to play big has allowed Megatron to emerge as a full-blown superstar. The young tandem is leading the Detroit Lions, who have now become a legitimate contender in the NFC. 

    His nine touchdowns have him on a record setting pace and he wasn't kept out of the endzone until last week against the 49ers.

    There is no answer for Tron, his enormous size and superior athletic ability has beaten triple coverage multiple times this season.

    Every defensive coordinator's first priority has to be Megatron when game planning, and I fully expect him to destroy the Falcon's secondary at home in Week 7. Cornerbacks, meet your worst nightmare.