NFL Trade Deadline: Why Ronnie Brown-Jerome Harrison Move Was Voided

WesAnalyst IOctober 19, 2011

This was not one of the options.
This was not one of the options.

The trade between the Philadelphia Eagles and Detroit Lions involving running backs Ronnie Brown and Jerome Harrison was voided by the NFL according to

The deal was overturned when Harrison failed a physical according to the report. Both running backs head back to their original team and the 2013 seventh-round pick goes back to the Lions.

It's yet another example of things going wrong in Philadelphia this season. It's not on the same level as failing to identify a starting middle linebacker or safety, but it's still something to add to the list.

This isn't the first time Brown and Andy Reid mushed a seemingly routine situation. 

Earlier this year Brown and Reid butchered a third-and-goal situation against the San Francisco 49ers, which landed them on every top-10 blooper list and the butt-end of every joke possible. For those who never say the play, check it out here compliments of

Reid thought a halfback option pass was the key to finally unlocking the Eagles' short-yardage frustrations. What Brown really unlocked was an option few knew existed. He inexplicably threw the ball laterally and cost the Eagles three points.

Brown then displayed a his lack of intelligence with this quote, also from

"I just have to make a better decision with the ball," Brown said. "I think I tried to out-think myself a little bit. It was a pass play, and I was thinking once the guys slipped off, you know, just try to throw the ball away and give us another chance on fourth down."

The explanation obviously didn't help Brown's case as he hasn't carried the ball since. And if it were up to Reid he would never dress in an Eagles uniform.

Is Eldra Buckley still around?


Update: The Detroit Free Press is now reporting the trade was voided because doctor's found a brain tumor. The Lions are trying to protect Harrison's privacy and will not comment on the issue.