MLB Trade Speculation: Zack Greinke and 7 Players Who May Be on the Market

Jimmy M Lizarde@@JimmyLizardeContributor IIOctober 19, 2011

MLB Trade Speculation: Zack Greinke and 7 Players Who May Be on the Market

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    The 2011 World Series begins this week, with the Texas Rangers and St. Louis Cardinals having the opportunity of a lifetime.

    But for the rest of the 28 teams, the offseason is crucial to finding key pieces on the market.

    As many trades are still weeks away from hitting the sports cycle, the time to start speculating about which players may be traded is now.

    With plenty of teams in different situations, here are players who you might hear about in the next couple of weeks, as teams search to improve their respective squads. 

Carl Crawford

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    Tony Andracki from CSN Chicago reported on the possibility of Crawford being traded, perhaps to the Cubs.

    Although Crawford did just sign a massive seven-year, $142 million contract with the Red Sox, his inaugural year with the club was equally disappointing.

    His mere .255 batting average, 11 homers and 104 strikeouts were not the numbers expected after such a large payout.

    If the Cubs are able to get a package deal that both teams can be interested in, watch out for Crawford trade talks to heat up.

Huston Street

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    Huston Street apparently will need to find another place to save games. According to Troy Renck of the Denver Post, Street should be available in the market coming this offseason.

    With Rafael Betancourt looking impressive in the closer's role, it appears it is time for the Rockies to find any value they can get for Streets.

    Knowing that many teams need a solid closer, Colorado can explore trading Street in hopes of receiving a prospect in return.

Jesus Montero

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    The Yankees have always looked for more pitchers to constantly help their rotation. Well rumors are they are willing to trade No. 1 prospect Jesus Montero for the right price of a top pitcher. 

    According to John Harper from the NY Daily News, the Yankees are interested in shopping the catcher. With the dire need of backing CC Sabathia in the rotation next season, New York is looking for pitchers who can fit the roll. 

    Montero, who has a career batting average of .328, is a valuable prospect many teams will consider trading for.

Carlos Zambrano

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    Carlos Zambrano made this decision for Cubs ownership a lot easier this past season when he removed himself from the team.

    With the Red Sox and Cubs finalizing GM Theo Epstein's move to Chicago, the first priority would be to trade Zambrano to any team and end the misery of both parties.

    Zambrano, who is 30 years old, may still have something left to prove and would be rejoiced if he was traded. 

    His nine wins during the 2011 season also prove he can still play. When focused and used correctly, Zambrano can pose problems to opposing squads. The question remains: where can the Cubs find a trading partner willing to take on such a high-risk, high-reward player?

Joey Votto

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    Joey Votto  has been an amazing hitter for the Reds may have offers from other teams. The 2010 NL MVP would be a great pickup for any team in need of offensive help.

    Buster Olney reported via Twitter that although the Reds are not planning to trade Votto, they are willing to hear offers.

    It sounds like Cincinnati wants to explore the market, and if they find anything enticing enough, they may just pull the plug and trade Votto. 

B.J. Upton

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    With the Rays placing BJ Upton on waivers this past regular season, the idea must have been to look for interested suitors for a trade

    Upton, who had 23 homers and 81 RBI, may be a valuable asset for the Rays to shop in the market. If so, expect many teams to come after him, as he has proven to be a big bat and can help a team in need of offense. 

Hanley Ramirez

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    Hanley Ramirez may also be on the trading block during the offseason. According to Buster Olney on his Twitter account in June, some of the Marlins organization felt that trading Ramirez would be in the best interest of the team.

    Now that the offseason has begun, those same questions may arise again. With the Marlins set to move to a new stadium in 2012, and the hiring of new manager Ozzie Guillen, it may be time for Ramirez to go.

    His numbers may not be impressive, as he had .243 batting average and only 10 homers in 2011. Yet at the age of 27, the young shortstop can still help a team's postseason hopes.

Zack Greinke

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    Although this is a long shot, it seems that both the Yankees and Rangers may be interested in acquiring Greinke. 

    Reported in ESPN's MLB Rumor Central, the Brewers may be willing to put him back on the trading block.

    Greinke, who had a 16-6 season with Milwaukee, can indeed be a valuable trade asset Milwaukee might want to explore. If trade talks develop, we may see him move to another potential World Series contender.