Chicago Bears Football: Winners & Losers from Da Bears' Win vs. Vikings

Matt BauerCorrespondent IIOctober 16, 2011

Chicago Bears Football: Winners & Losers from Da Bears' Win vs. Vikings

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    Even though the Chicago Bears had a shortened week after losing to the Detroit Lions last Monday night, it seemed as if they were not fatigued in Sunday night's game against the Minnesota Vikings.

    The Bears beat the Vikings 39-10, but the winners and losers coming out of this game go beyond the teams.  There are individual winners and losers from both teams, no matter how lopsided a score appeared on Soldier Field's scoreboard.

    The following slides discuss the winners and losers from Sunday night's game between the Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings.

Winner: Devin Hester

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    Devin Hester is definitely a winner, statistically, after the Bears' win vs. the Vikings Sunday night. 

    Hester entered Sunday night's game with seven career touchdowns against the Minnesota Vikings, and he didn't hesitate to tack on to that total.

    In Hester's eighth career game against Minnesota, he caught Jay Cutler's second pass of the game for 48 yards and a touchdown. 

    Hester proceeded to take back one of Ryan Longwell's kickoffs for 98 yards and another score.

    There's plenty of talk after every one of Hester's stellar performances of whether or not he should be considered a Hall of Famer strictly for his return ability. 

    Well, Hester provided his critics more to consider with his performance Sunday night against Minnesota.

Winner: Matt Forte

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    Bears running back Matt Forte is, yet again, a winner in the Bears' Week 6 win over the Vikings.

    Forte, who is in a contract year, discussed a contract extension with Bears GM Jerry Angelo prior to the start of the NFL preseason. 

    No progress was made, so Forte decided to forgo a holdout and let his numbers do the negotiating.

    Well, Forte continued to let his numbers do the talking Sunday night, collecting 123 all-purpose yards on 23 touches.

    Forte has been productive all year, so don't expect him to slow down.  He wants to get paid, and he's proving to the entire Bears organization why he deserves to be.

Loser: Donovan McNabb

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    Donovan McNabb is most definitely a loser from Sunday night's game between the Bears and the Vikings.

    McNabb didn't throw any interceptions, but he was the product of five Chicago Bears sacks Sunday night. 

    To add insult to McNabb's injury, he was later pulled for the Vikings' first-round draft pick out of Florida State, Christian Ponder.

    I feel bad for McNabb, but there wasn't really much he could do with the protection his banged-up offensive line provided him.

    Not to mention, Donovan's mother was in the crowd Sunday night witnessing her son's unfortunate performance.

Winner: Christian Ponder

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    I guess you could consider Christian Ponder a winner in Sunday night's game between the Bears and the Vikings.

    Ponder finally got his chance to play in a regular season game in the NFL. 

    His numbers weren't at all impressive, but, for what it's worth, he looked like he was having fun in the process.

    Ponder got the opportunity to show off his mobility due to the same lack of protection that McNabb received throughout the game.

    Ponder threw for less than 100 yards on 17 attempts, but it seems as if he's going to be Minnesota's starting QB until we hear otherwise. 

    I guess when a team is that bad, any sort of change is potentially a good change.

Winner: Julius Peppers

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    Despite the knee injury that kept Peppers on the Bears' injury report all week, he still managed to have a very productive game for the Bears defense.

    Peppers recorded two sacks in the Bears' victory over the Vikings Sunday night, and he even got to show off a little bit of his strength when he pushed Donovan McNabb, who proceeded to tumble for another Peppers sack.

    That was either Peppers' strength or father time catching up with McNabb.

    I think it had a little bit to do with both.

Loser: Jerry Angelo

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    Even though Bears' GM Jerry Angelo was not on the field Sunday night against the Vikings, he's still considered one of the losers coming out of this game.

    Angelo is being stubborn when it comes to rewarding Bears RB Matt Forte with a new deal, and Forte continues to produce every week on the field, proving why Angelo needs to pay him more money following this year.

    In this regard, Angelo has lost more weeks than not, and I don't see Forte slowing down at this point to prove Angelo right.

    Expect Angelo to choke up some serious change to Forte at the end of the season if he keeps pace with the numbers he's had thus far.

Winner: Jay Cutler

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    Bears QB Jay Cutler is one of the biggest winners coming out of Sunday night's game between Chicago and Minnesota.

    Cutler, who has been sacked the most times in the NFL, was sacked just one time Sunday night against the Vikings. 

    Not only was he sacked just once, but he didn't throw a single interception against the Vikings.  Seems like Jay got the protection he needed, eh?

    Hmm, protection equals production in the case of Jay Cutler.  Kind of like 1+1=2.