Jim Harbaugh vs. Jim Schwartz: Two Biggest Egos in NFL Need to Shut Up

Adam OdekirkContributor IIOctober 17, 2011

The argument and fight that took place after the 49ers/Lions game this Sunday has dominated the headlines and will provide plenty of fodder for sites like this and talk radio stations around the country. 

The sad fact is that if these two coaches would have just shut their mouths, shaken hands like gentlemen and moved on from it, the focus would be on the game and not the events the followed it.

What should have been discussed afterwards was the parity in the NFC that this game shed light on. Perhaps there could have been some talk about how both franchises have turned their fortunes with great hires at head coach.

Instead, people are dissecting exactly how hard Harbaugh shook Schwartz's hand and whether the contact on the back was a pat or a shove.

Lions fans are scolding Harbaugh for his exuberance after a regular-season win, and 49ers fans wishing that Schwartz would have taken his beating and forceful handshake like a man and left well enough alone.

Lost is the poise Alex Smith showed in leading his team to 10 unanswered points in the fourth quarter and the lack of a plan from the Lions in their two-minute drill.

Where there could be discussion about the real possibility of these teams facing off in the playoffs and what kinds of fireworks would ensue on the field, the attention will be squarely placed on how the post-game handshake would go after such a game.

Both coaches did their teams a disservice with this exchange and have robbed them of them of the well-deserved praise that San Francisco earned and the on-field criticism the Lions must face in order to grow into one of the NFL's elite.

In addition to the embarrassment both coaches have for themselves, they must now deal with their players having participated in the fracas on the field and engaging in asinine banter amongst one another on Twitter.

Hopefully the next game for both teams has no video or soundbites from anything other than football.