Jim Harbaugh: Odds on Who Fiery San Francisco 49ers Coach Will Fight with Next

Adam OdekirkContributor IIOctober 16, 2011

Jim Harbaugh: Odds on Who Fiery San Francisco 49ers Coach Will Fight with Next

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    The only surprising part about the confrontation between Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz was that Schwartz seemed to be the man responsible for the escalation of the situation and not Harbaugh.

    Whether Harbaugh got the exact response that he wanted from the "firm" hand shake and back slap (push) may never be known, but what fans can count on is that it likely won't be the last time that Harbaugh finds himself in a fight.

    Will it be another coach? Will it be a member of his own team? Or, will it be a rematch with Jim Schwartz in the playoffs?

    Here are the odds for Jim Harbaugh's next opponent.

Pete Carroll

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    Looking down the road the 49ers will face their division foes in Seattle on Christmas Eve, and it is possible that neither coach will be feeling the holiday cheer.

    Pete Carroll has shown over the past week that he is very interested in showing off for LeBron James, and stepping up to a fight with Jim Harbaugh might be just the ticket that Carroll needs to actually woo the out-of-work NBA'er.

    Maybe this time Carroll will really find out what Harbaugh's "deal" is. 

    LAS VEGAS ODDS: 25/1

Mike Tomlin

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    Jim Harbaugh seems to be trying to establish himself as one of the toughest coaches in the NFL, but in order to be the best, you have to beat the best. The best at being tough and personifying the mentality of his team and franchise is Mike Tomlin.

    Will Jim Harbaugh challenge the Super Bowl winning coach to a fight in their late season match up? 

    Harbaugh is a tough guy and also wants to lead his team, but he isn't stupid either and will likely pass on the beating that Tomlin would be sure to deliver.

    LAS VEGAS ODDS: 100/1

Vernon Davis

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    If Harbaugh is still itching for a fight, he might not need to look past his locker room. The volatile Vernon Davis strolls the same sidelines as Harbaugh and has been known to challenge a coach or two.

    Even though things are going well now and there seems to be no reason for friction, the landscape of the NFL can change quickly. If things start to go south for the surging 49ers, fingers will be pointed, and if Davis doesn't like the heat, he will let Harbaugh know.

    The best part about this potential match-up is that it could happen any week, and maybe not even on a Sunday.

    LAS VEGAS ODDS: 10/1

John Harbaugh

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    Nothing brings out the urge to fight like family.

    NFL fans can give thanks when the San Francisco 49ers square off with the Baltimore Ravens on November 24th as it will be a family affair with brothers Harbaugh squaring off.

    If anyone knows how to push Jim's buttons, it is his older brother John, and if he senses that it is going to give his team a psychological edge to pick a fight with baby brother, then he will do so.