Rams vs. Packers: 8 Things We Learned in Green Bay's 24-3 Win

Matt Stein@MatthewJSteinCorrespondent IIOctober 16, 2011

Rams vs. Packers: 8 Things We Learned in Green Bay's 24-3 Win

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    The St. Louis Rams were huge underdogs against the Green Bay Packers and they certainly didn't disappoint. Green Bay jumped out to a 24-3 halftime lead and finished the game ahead by the same score.

    Even though the Packers' offense struggled in the second half, their defense played extremely well and made key stop after key stop. All in all, it was a rather easy victory to move Green Bay to 6-0 on the season.

    With their 12th straight victory under their belts, here are eight things we learned in Green Bay's 24-3 victory over the St. Louis Rams.

Aaron Rodgers Continues His MVP-Caliber Season

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    It isn't so much the statistics as it is how easy Aaron Rodgers makes this game look. After watching him play, you almost feel like you could go out there yourself and throw for 300 yards and a couple touchdowns against any team in the league.

    He is playing the best football we've seen in years at the quarterback position and he has no intentions of slowing down. It doesn't matter if teams blitz him because he is almost better when he is under pressure and flushed out of the pocket.

    He threw for three touchdowns in the first half and was easily the most dominant player on the field. He now has 17 touchdowns to only three interceptions on the season.

    This was the worst game of his season and he still had a quarterback rating of 119.6. If Rodgers doesn't win the MVP Award this year, the NFL is officially in love with Tom Brady too much.

We Won't See a "True" Starting Running Back This Year

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    It has gone back and forth between James Starks and Ryan Grant all year long for the Green Bay Packers' starting running back position, and it will most likely continue to be that way for the rest of the season.

    Both Grant and Starks bring something special to this team and both players are playing well enough to deserve time on the field. They were both effective this week against the St. Louis Rams as Starks had 66 total yards and Grant had 52.

    For those that want the Packers to decide on a "starting" running back, I'm sorry, but it just won't be happening anytime soon. Green Bay will continue to split carries between the two for the rest of the season.

This Defense Finally Looks Like the 2010 Version

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    We finally saw the full potential of this Green Bay Packers defense.

    There was plenty of blitzing, which resulted in three sacks, but it also put plenty of pressure on Sam Bradford all game long. Their pass coverage was also much better for the majority of the game. Even though Bradford threw for over 300 yards, he didn't find the interception and Green Bay had a key interception in the red zone.

    We all know how potent the Packers' offense is and now that the defense looks to be getting back to 2010 form, it will only become more difficult to beat this team.

Marshall Newhouse Deserves Some Type of Award

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    When Bryan Bulaga went down with an injury, Marshall Newhouse was put in a difficult position. He performed very well for two games while Bulaga recovered.

    Now with Chad Clifton struggling with a knee injury, Newhouse has been forced to play left tackle and did a fantastic job this game against the St. Louis Rams. The Rams only sacked Aaron Rodgers once during the game. A large part of the success of the offensive line was due to Newhouse's outstanding play.

    If there was a Replacement Player of the Year award, Newhouse would be that player for the Green Bay Packers.

Clay Matthews Is Becoming a Complete Linebacker

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    I've been critical of Clay Matthews through the first five games because of his lack of sacks. While I would still like to see Matthews have more than two sacks through six games, it's hard to be critical after such a complete performance by him against the St. Louis Rams.

    Even when he wasn't putting pressure on Sam Bradford, Matthews was still impacting the game. He dropped back in coverage very well and was also a key player in stopping the run. He finished the game with three passes defended.

    Opposing teams can no longer expect to take Matthews out of games by only stopping him from getting to the quarterback. He now has the ability to be a force on defense in numerous facets of the game and he is quickly becoming a complete linebacker.

Losing Sam Shields Could Be a Huge Loss

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    After Sam Shields intercepted Sam Bradford in the third quarter, he left the game with a head injury.

    Instead of downing the ball in the end zone, Shields ran around for a while before taking a huge hit from Danario Alexander. He didn't return in this game and without knowing the severity of the injury, it is possible he could miss a few games.

    Losing Shields means Jarrett Bush will see more playing time, which isn't a good thing. Bush is far less talented than Shields and was beaten fairly often by the Rams' receivers.

    The Green Bay Packers still have a talented secondary without Shields, but if he is out for more than a game or two, expect teams to take advantage of Bush and this defensive unit.

Green Bay's Throwback Jerseys Are the Best in the League

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    While this doesn't really matter for the overall success of the Green Bay Packers, how great are their throwback jerseys?

    They are easily the best in the league. Very classy.

No Team Is Even Close to Being as Good as the Packers

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    People can talk about the Detroit Lions, New England Patriots and Buffalo Bills all they want, but none of those teams are even close to being as good as the Green Bay Packers.

    It isn't just Aaron Rodgers or Greg Jennings or Clay Matthews. It is a combination of every player on this team that makes them so dominant.

    Their third best cornerback, Sam Shields, would likely be the best on the majority of other teams in the league. Their fifth best receiver, Randall Cobb, would also start on a good portion of those teams.

    This is absolutely the best team in the NFL right now and it isn't even close.