Theo Epstein Cubs GM: 7 Reasons the Boston Red Sox Are Better off Without Him

Stephen Brown@@the__ste (Double Underscore)Correspondent IIOctober 14, 2011

Theo Epstein Cubs GM: 7 Reasons the Boston Red Sox Are Better off Without Him

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    Theo Epstein has been smeared by the Boston Red Sox since his exodus from Boston. Many are forgetting what he accomplished in Boston during his tenure.

    That being said, many do believe that the Red Sox are better off without him and that they will become a better ballclub.

    With compensation on the way, the Red Sox will receive a nice package in return for Epstein.

    Here are 10 reasons why the Red Sox are better off without him.

More Is More...or Is It?

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    According to Bill Simmons, one of the issues that has plagued Epstein in recent years is his inordinate amount of spending. Epstein will be continually cursed for signing John Lackey and Carl Crawford (however, the Crawford train has the possibility for redemption).

    You don’t need to spend and buy every player in order to win postseason games (I, for one, never thought Crawford was really needed in Boston) because at the end of the day, I bet many believe it wasn’t the offense that cursed them, but their pitching.

Carl Crawford

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    Piggybacking on my last point, Crawford was an extra luxury that the Red Sox didn’t need, but Epstein didn’t necessarily look at it as anything more than “…well why not?”

    Were the BoSox in need of Crawford’s services? Doubtful. But who in their right mind, would avoid signing Crawford if they had the chance?

    It almost seemed like a competition to see who had the bigger d...urango.


    I was talking about cars!

John Lackey

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    This one is pretty obvious but still needs to be mentioned. Lackey had a decent career, but when looking at the peripherals, was he ever that good?

    His career low WHIP is 1.21 in 2007, and other than that season had a career low of 3.44 ERA.

    I am not saying that isn’t pretty good, but it also isn’t very impressive when pitching against Oakland and Seattle a million times a year.

    Moreover, his ERA, WHIP and BAA went up every year from 2007-2011 with Epstein signing him right in the middle of that continual rising bomb.


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    Is that Jake Gyllenhaal or Theodore Nathan Epstein?

    Epstein was a huge celebrity in Boston. I mean, becoming the Red Sox GM at the age of 28, bringing the team its first championship in 86 years and winning a second title shortly thereafter, how could this guy not be revered in Boston lore?

    However, when you receive so much success at such a young age, it is tough to continue to have any form of humility and tough to believe you are not the saviour of Boston—let alone having the same drive to win.

    In this regard, I believe he became too big and let his ego get in the way of decisions and the like, hence making this departure a boon for the Sox.

    Many believe the Epstein smearing will only get worse.

Ben Cherington

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    Cherington (left) has been waiting in the wings for awhile now. Cherington was named co-GM with Jed Hoyer (middle) in 2005 before Epstein returned to his GM duties.

    Since that time he has been one of Epstein’s closest confidants and has worked closely with Epstein on “virtually every phase of baseball operations.” 

    Throughout his tenure with the Sox, it seems as if Cherington has been groomed for the position.

    One of Cherington’s best assets is his strong background in player development and being a former college baseball player. He possesses strong organizational skills and is very even keeled.


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    Although it is still being negotiated, the Red Sox will definitely receive some hefty compensation from the Cubs in exchange for Epstein. This reminds me a bit of the Jon Gruden deal, and the Red Sox will definitely receive back some nice assets.

    There have been rumors that the Red Sox will seek to receive compensation in the form of star shortstop Starlin Castro or fireball prospect Andrew Cashner.

    Personally, I don’t think any GM is worth that price, and Cherington will look like a genius for not doing anything if they can have Castro atop their lineup.

Fresh Start

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    After two successful championships and multiple years of competitive baseball, the Red Sox are ready to infuse new blood who has the eye of the…I’m not going to be that corny. But the Sox need someone who has the drive to win their first championship as GM without having to buy it.

    Cherington will want to show that he is just as important as Epstein and can do the job just as well if not better. With a fresh start, fresh coach and the real drive to win at all costs, coupled with someone like Starlin Castro, it is pretty evident that the Red Sox will add by subtraction.