Chicago Bears: 5 Reasons They Will Take Down the Minnesota Vikings

Matt CoanCorrespondent IIOctober 13, 2011

Chicago Bears: 5 Reasons They Will Take Down the Minnesota Vikings

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    Following their third loss out of five games this season, the Chicago Bears will need to beat the Minnesota Vikings next Sunday in Chicago to keep from dropping to last place in the NFC North.

    The Bears have played a very tough group of opponents this season and while they haven't played especially well against them, they are still very much alive in the playoff race. A win against the Vikings would help a lot.

    The Vikings are 1-4 on the season, and it looks like they are entering a rebuilding process. With that said, they still have talent on both sides of the ball and will be another tough test for this Bears team.

    The Bears need a win this week and are set up nicely to get one.

    This list will cover five reasons why the Bears will beat the Vikings on Sunday.

The Game Is in Chicago

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    The Chicago Bears will play the Minnesota Vikings this Sunday night in Chicago, and that is the first reason why the Bears will win.

    The Vikings are a different team at home than on the road and are less effective when they don't have their loud crowd noise supporting them.

    The fans in Chicago will know what's at stake this Sunday, so Soldier field should be rocking.

    The Bears players should be pumped to be playing a very winnable game at home in prime time and should start off fast, taking control of the game early.

    The Bears have had huge problems moving the ball on offense when playing from behind late in games this season, so using the home field to their advantage early is very important.

Jay Cutler Matches Up Well Against the Vikings Defense

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    Jay Cutler is coming off arguably his best game this season, even in a loss against the Detroit Lions.

    Cutler looked good, put up a very nice stat line and looks like he is progressing as a quarterback in the Mike Martz offense.

    Cutler has been most effective this season early in games and when playing with the lead.

    It is extremely important for the Bears to jump out to an early lead so they can continue to run the ball with Matt Forte and keep the defense honest, which will help prevent them from killing Cutler every play.

    The Vikings' pass defense ranks near the bottom of the league, so for once the Bears' passing game may be the favorable part of a matchup.

    If Cutler can keep his quality play going and continue to play efficiently and effectively, the Bears should win the game. 

The Bears Defense Matches Up Well Agains the Vikings Offense

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    The Chicago Bears defense has been statistically terrible five games through the 2011 season, and that needs to change.

    In their defense, they have played five teams with excellent offenses, including the past two Super Bowl champions.

    The Bears defense should and probably will bounce back by the end of the season, but it needs to happen soon.

    The Bears have given up big plays all season long, something that should never happen in Lovie Smith's Tampa 2 defense, and allowed teams to score quickly without having to put together a long grueling drive down the field.

    The safety play has been terrible and needs to be addressed, and this game against the Minnesota Vikings is a good place to start.

    The Vikings have very few playmakers in their offense, and aside from Adrian Peterson and maybe Percy Harvin, the Bears won't really need to worry.

    If the defense can stop Peterson and force Donovan McNabb to make plays with his arm, the Bears will be on their way to a win. 

The Bears Will Be Able to Run the Ball the Entire Game

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    The most effective area of the Chicago Bears offense this season by far has been the run game.

    Matt Forte has had two great back-to-back games, and if the Bears can score early and hold the lead, he should have a third.

    The Bears can't play from behind and can't score points solely on the arm of Jay Cutler. They need to run the ball to be effective, and when they are playing from behind they can't do that.

    The defense will take control of this game early and allow the Bears to let Matt Forte loose. The offense will move the ball with its balanced game plan and put up points for the defense to protect.

The Chicago Bears Will Want It More

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    Football is a very emotional game. The Chicago Bears are coming off another division loss, already their second of the year, and they need to bounce back against a divisional opponent soon. 

    The game Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings is a perfect opportunity to get a division win against a lesser opponent and keep from falling to last place in the division.

    This is a must-win game for the Bears, and they know it. If the Bears drop this game, their season is all but over; they'd be 0-3 in their division and in last place.

    But don't worry Bears fans, they won't blow this game. Expect a big Bears win Sunday night on the lake.