Tim Tebow Time: Why This Is the Right Move for Denver Broncos

Sam Tastad@@samtastadCorrespondent IIIOctober 12, 2011

Tim Tebow Time: Why This Is the Right Move for Denver Broncos

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    Tim Tebow is finally the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos again.

    Tebow delivered when John Fox came calling and benched Kyle Orton last Sunday. Now, Tebow will have two weeks to prepare as the starting quarterback before his next game.

    Here are four reasons why this is the right move for the Broncos.

No. 1: Tim Tebow Brings Energy

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    Let's face it, Tim Tebow brings energy to the Denver Broncos and to the fans. When Tebow isn't under center, he is on the sideline pumping up his teammates, waving his towel in the air to get the fans loud or learning what play to use next. 

    Tebow listens to his teammates and coaches and makes his team better. Not only did the offense play with a spark when Tebow was in the game, so did the defense. 

    Tebow brings an atmosphere that sells tickets. He will put fans in the seats. Whether you like Tebow or not, he is a leader and nothing but a positive energy. 

    Tebow doesn't complain, he just works hard and keeps fighting no matter whether he is the starting quarterback or on the bench.

No. 2: Tim Tebow Has Talent

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    Is Tim Tebow the savior to the Broncos franchise?

    Tebow certainly has the talent. He did win two national championships and a Heisman trophy in college. 

    On Sunday, Tebow had a solid—not great—day. He went 4-for-10 for 79 yards, and threw a touchdown that was screen to Knowshon Moreno. His quarterback rating was 101.7. 

    He did not have an interception, which was good news. 

    Tebow got it done on the ground, too. Tebow rushed six times for 38 yards and a touchdown. 

    The last drive is what impressed me. Tebow hit his two receivers fast, then hurried up to the line and got one more play before time ran out. He almost did it.

    On that last play, Tebow showed his mobility in the pocket, running around searching for a receiver. The throw was not that bad. It wasn't shaky, it just did not hit a receiver. No one was really open. 

    Tebow looked good and will continue to get better. At least, Denver fans hope so.

No. 3: Starting Tebow Makes Sense

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    Tim Tebow makes sense to start for the Denver Broncos right now. The Broncos are 1-4, need some hope and don't want fans to lose interest. 

    Tebow does the opposite. He is exciting to watch. On Sunday, when Tebow was in the game, fans were on their feet cheering, and were excited. 

    Plus, starting Tebow gives the Broncos a reason to see if Tebow is the future. As of now, Tebow is the only Broncos starting quarterback under contract next season. 

    If Tebow plays well, they keep him and make him the future. If not, they can always draft another quarterback or get one in free agency (Matt Flynn, perhaps). 

    For now, let's sit back and enjoy the ride and watch Tebow whether you like him or not. Who knows, he could do really well.

No. 4: What About Brady Quinn and Kyle Orton?

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    How much would it stink to be Brady Quinn right now? You are the supposed be the back-up, but you get passed on for Tim Tebow. 

    At least Quinn has a girlfriend. After Sunday's game, he flew and went to be with her after she got injured. Good for him. 

    Back to football: Let's face it, Quinn was never really going to go in as the Broncos starting quarterback. Fans want to see Tebow, not Quinn. 

    As for Kyle Orton, is his time in Denver running out? 

    He was benched for Tebow after going 6-for-13 for 34 yards and an interception. That's a meager 21.0 passer rating.

    It's definitely Tim Tebow time! Enjoy it, folks!