Atlanta Falcons Coaching Staff Under Scrutiny: Mike Smith Taking Heat

Frank SpartiCorrespondent IIOctober 11, 2011

Atlanta Coach in Hot Water?
Atlanta Coach in Hot Water?Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

After watching Atlanta Falcons head coach Mike Smith in his post-game press conference I could literally hear Falcons fans RISE UP! Hearing conservative rhetoric like, "We have to get better" for the 52nd time, I knew things had gotten stale and Coach Smith was running out of good will.

My fear has been that maybe Smith was never being coy and smart when he answered questions in a meaningless and cliched manner. In fact, many fans are starting to realize that underneath all that fake tinsel is real tinsel.

The Falcons have too much talent to be sitting 2-3 after five games. After being up 14 points against the Green Bay Packers and then getting creamed the rest of the game, the neon writing on the wall points to one thing: THE COACHES.

The Falcons have been outscored in most third quarters in the last year. That tells me the coaching is slow to counteract adjustments made during halftime.

The offensive line is finally getting together after being unready the first three games. However, lack of discipline still exists all over the team. This stems from the top down.

I really like the Falcons as a team. The athleticism and talent is remarkable to watch. Modern-day gladiators, and acrobats to boot, are worth the price of admission.

It just gets a little frustrating when you see Chris Owens (the team's worst defensive back) trying to cover Greg Jennings (the Pack's best receiver). Who EVER thought that was a good idea? Oh, I repeat myself, THE COACHES.

In this day and age, if you are not paranoid, you must be crazy. Maybe that's a good idea.