New York Yankees: 5 Reasons Joe Girardi Is Still the Man to Lead Yankees

Danielle Ennis@ennismenace11Contributor IIOctober 10, 2011

New York Yankees: 5 Reasons Joe Girardi Is Still the Man to Lead Yankees

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    There's no hiding that Yankee fans and Yankee haters alike doubt Joe Girardi's ability to lead the Yankees next season.

    But, regardless of these claims, he's proven to have managerial assets essential for future success for New York. He has learned to manipulate bullpens and has been faced with adverse conditions of rotation concerns, former stars, jaded veterans and shaky rookies, all ending in a 97-65 regular season record.

    Since the start, he has kept a group possible of downfall united and dominant.

Knowing When to Change

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    In Game 5 against the Tigers, the game that would end the Yankees' season, Girardi shuffled throughout the bullpen to find an ace, but in the end, they weren't good enough. His frequent pitching changes may have seem superfluous or erratic, but he was looking for the right guy. He knew when to seek something better, when to remove someone from the mound.

    He may not have found the answer in his pitchers, but he was aware of changes to be made. Someone with that knowledge and steadfast decision-making is needed. It's better than wavering.

Juggling Act

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    With an aging roster, Girardi had to figure out a way to manage a team that could contend with the talented rookies in other franchises. He had to do more work than managers with younger teams, while he dealt with staggering pitchers, resting regulars and giving starters extra days rest—all the while figuring which substitutes wouldn't be costly.


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    While managers must dive deep into the statistics and the numbers to make decisions, Girardi has been reacting on instinct. He has been creating situations from what happens on the field, not in the binder of facts.


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    Despite criticism, he set his team up for postseason success by managing well from April to September instead of waiting until postseason arrival to let the cards come together. By building the Yankees record, he avoided the often colossal mistake of having to scramble come October.

Pinstripe Pride

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    Let's not forget that he was managed under Joe Torre in his run with the Yankees. He has a successful experience as a Pinstripe and received mentoring from one of the Yankees' most notable managers. Girardi's deep rooted connection and loyalty still holds strong.