NFL in London: Why Roger Goodell Is Losing His Mind

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IOctober 10, 2011

Roger Goodell explains why he's buying the London Bridge. (Getty images).
Roger Goodell explains why he's buying the London Bridge. (Getty images).Mike Stobe/Getty Images

One of the worst ideas in the history of real football is playing an NFL game in London.

Playing two would go way beyond the realms of sanity.

Note to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell:

The king of the realm in the United Kingdom is English Premier League Soccer. It's kickball, Roger. They love their kickball, they want their kickball, the Brits LIVE for kickball. They always have and always will.

NFL football?

It's simply a curiosity. Nothing more, nothing less.

If you really want to punish a franchise, make them play a game in London. The travel is a nightmare, the jet lag worse and the field conditions leave a lot to be desired. It's all about logistics, Roger.

One game a year is punishment. Two games? Roger, Roger, Roger. Think about this for a moment—it's the National Football League, not the International Football League, which sounds like one of those kickball leagues.

Later this month, the NFL will deliver the Bears and the Buccaneers to Wembley Stadium. Suffice to say, it's not sold out and hit this British nail right on the head. When you can't sell out a one-time-a-year event, it's screaming to you that the market for NFL Football sucks.

Can that be any more clear?

If you want to take the insanity one step farther, there are whispers about how great it might be to drop a new NFL franchise in London.


Roger Goodell should be forced to live in London year round and pay British taxes on that big fat $11 million salary of his. He'd come home screaming faster that you can say tea and crumpets!

Consider how brutal the travel would be.

The London Highwaymen, or whatever you would name them, would be so jet-lagged that they would lose track of what year it is.

Ask New Orleans coach Sean Payton about playing in London.

Ask anyone.

It's ridiculous, it's a bad idea and it takes a home game away from an NFL team's fanbase.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are having problems drawing this season. Most home games have been blacked out the past two seasons.

So to help get the local chumps excited, what does Goodell do? He takes away one of the more attractive home games on the Tampa Bay schedule.

Bucs-Bears has been popular for a long time. Lots of Chicago fans come down for that game, there are lots of Chicago transplants in the Tampa area.

So let's slap the good people of Tampa upside the head and move that game to London.

Will someone please stop the insanity?

Oh, by the way, whatever happened to NFL Europe?