2012 MLB Free Agency: Top 5 Players Available For a Bargain

Danielle Ennis@ennismenace11Contributor IIOctober 10, 2011

2012 MLB Free Agency: Top 5 Players Available For a Bargain

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    In a season which saw multiple teams fall from lack of pitching, the teams who did have strong pitching will have to fight to keep those players, as many are up for grabs.

    Then you have the players you just can't imagine anywhere else, the players that look so fitting in their current uniforms but could play just as well anywhere else.

    The money and contracts will be thrown their way, as each team chases after them with the best deals and the best allure. 

    Let the courting begin.

David Ortiz: Boston Red Sox

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    A year ago, Ortiz wanted a multi-year deal from the Red Sox, but they instead opted for a $12.5 million contract.

    This year, they will have to attend to his requests if they want Big Papi to remain in Boston.

Mark Buehrle: Chicago White Sox

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    Buehrle is considering retirement and his family above all other.

    "It's going to have to be with a contender and somewhere where my family is comfortable," he told Dan McNeil in March.

    But rookie White Sox manager Robin Ventura wants the veteran experience that Buehrle—who has pitched 200 innings for the past 11 straight seasons—can bring to Chicago.

C.C Sabathia: New York Yankees

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    The Yankees' bullpen needs some reordering, depth or fixing.

    Whatever it might be, it could be without Sabathia. He can opt out of his seven-year, $161 million contract three days after the conclusion of the World Series. 

    "I haven't made any decisions," Sabathia said for the Wall Street Journal. "I love it here. There's nothing like pitching in pinstripes. There's nothing like pitching in front of the fans in the Bronx. I've had a great experience."

    He may love pitching in the Bronx, but he's looking forward now, as he has already had a great experience.

    The pinstripes might be in the past for C.C.

C.J Wilson: Texas Rangers

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    The starting pitcher is expected to have offers from the Yankees, Nationals, and any other team looking to add this left-hander to their lineup.

    The Rangers lost ace Cliff Lee to the Phillies last year, so they'll be fighting for the redemption in keeping Wilson.

Albert Pujols: St. Louis Cardinals

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    Pujols will undoubtedly receive the biggest contract of any free agent this year.  

    Through 10 major league seasons, he's won three MVPs and four runner-up finishes. His talent is one that every team will vie for.