Tim Tebow: 5 Reasons He'll Be a Success in the NFL

Matt King@TheRealMattKingFeatured ColumnistOctober 10, 2011

Tim Tebow: 5 Reasons He'll Be a Success in the NFL

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    I think we all owe Tim Tebow an apology.

    And by we, I don't mean the good folks in Denver who have been clamoring for him all season long, but the media who said that he didn't have the skills to make it as a QB in the NFL.

    It's possible we may have gotten a little too caught up in the fact that Tebow doesn't have great mechanics? That even though everything about his physical abilities seem to scream that he's bound to fail at quarterback?

    Because every time he's gotten a chance to prove us wrong, he's pretty much done it.

    So in fairness to the man himself, here are five reasons that Tebow can actually be a success in the National Football League.

No. 1: His Legs

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    Let's get this out of the way first. Tebow can run. He had already racked up 30 rushing yards and a rushing TD before he had any passing yards.

    The fact that Tebow can get things done on the ground gives the Broncos a whole new way to attack the defense. There's no disputing it.

    I remember another QB who wasn't the most amazing passer, but his scrambling ability helped make up for it. His name was Michael Vick. I think he turned out okay.

No. 2: Clutchness

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    When Tebow got into the game, he didn't exactly light it up right away. In fact, he was average at best.

    However, when the pressure got cranked up and he needed to perform, perform he did. The rushing TD, the fantastic two-point conversion pass just off the fingertips of Brandon Lloyd and the big-time passes with less than a minute to go in the game...they all added up.

    And they added up to this guy being clutch. If Tebow can play just okay for most of the game, but bring his team back when it matters, I'll take that.

No. 3: Unwavering Confidence

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    JaMarcus Russell was more talented than Tim Tebow. There's really no debating that.

    However, Russell was missing some key characteristics that Tebow has in spades. Work ethic was a big one, but confidence was another one that led to Mr. Russell's downfall.

    Look, no matter what happens, Tebow believes in himself. Even if he throws a pick, he's going to go right back out and believe that the next one is going for a touchdown.

    You need that sort of confidence in your quarterback, and it's even better if he has it for himself.

No. 4: Leadership Ability

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    The Broncos just aren't getting it done right now. And for all the talk about how Orton was clearly better and had control of the locker room, just looking at what happened today shows that wasn't exactly true.

    You could see how pumped the Denver players were when Tebow brought them back. John Fox even admitted himself that Tebow provided a spark that the team just did not have up to that point.

    Even though you may not like Tebow yourself, he's a hell of a leader that players just seem to respond to. That makes a difference. Teams will rally around a guy like that.

No. 5: We Don't Know Everything

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    Recognize this guy? Yeah, that's Tom Brady. He was drafted in the sixth round. Nobody expected that he would become the best quarterback in the NFL.

    The fact of the matter is, we don't know everything. All of the ways we break down a prospect are great, but nothing quite shows you what you're working with than letting them get out onto the field and prove it themselves.

    Obviously Orton is not the answer for Denver. So it's time they went with Tebow and let him prove all of us wrong.

    Personally, I think he will.