50 Most Hated Players in Baseball History

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50 Most Hated Players in Baseball History

To continue down the same path we touched on a couple weeks ago when we looked at the most disliked player in each franchise's recent memory, now we're going to dip back into the negative and see which players round out the top 50 most hated in baseball history.

It's worth noting that a player rarely becomes one of the most hated players in any sport without being a fairly accomplished player, typically at the top of the game during their playing time. Having said that, you may not agree with some of my picks if they happened to play for your hometown team.

Similarly, some of baseball's all-time greatest stars, and most beloved players today, were very hated at the time their playing careers were still ongoing. Sadly, some of these players were hated because they were subjected to bigotry and racism, others because fans simply wanted someone else to break a hallowed record rather than the player accomplishing the feat.

You may read their names and find yourself taken aback. I don't blame you, as I would too, but try to look at those players in the historical context I am referencing, not in today's light.

Then, of course, we have our group of players who earned their hate by simply being an intolerable jerk to the fans, media, teammates or opponents. How could I leave them off?

These are not ranked in order; they are simply placed in alphabetical order by the player's first name. If I missed a player, and I likely did since I only had 50 slides to work with, let me know in the comments who you feel is more deserving of being ranked here.

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